Abramovich, the desperate move to avoid decline. Luxury homes, super-yachts and planes: here are the 10 billion-dollar trusts

Abramovich the desperate move to avoid decline Luxury homes super yachts

Roman Abramovich and the desperate move a few days before the war to avoid the decline which, after ten months of conflict, has become inexorable. Roman Abramovich is among the Russian oligarchs who blamed the sanctions the most. Indeed, among the billionaires affected is the one who lost more: his assets have in fact collapsed … Read more

Alba Parietti shows her house in the mountains in Courmayeur: luxury and elegance – newsby

Alba Parietti shows her house in the mountains in Courmayeur

Dawn Parietti. Photo: Ansa – newsby Alba Parietti owns a house of a thousand and one nights immersed in the Aosta Valley mountains of which she recently posted a photo on Instagram (immediately filled with likes from fans). The showgirl Alba Parietti has a real predilection for furnishings and she demonstrated it by posting a … Read more

The Milan-Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less than a low cost one

The Milan Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class seats The only problem with this Barcelona-Milan Malpensa flight which lasts so little, about an hour and twenty minutes, that you can’t see an entire first-run film such as Bullet train, Nope or Minions can be found in the in-flight entertainment system. But enough cabin crew to get a … Read more

Raffaella Carrà, another chapter on inheritance opens: the car of the queen of variety is going to auction | What a luxury – Mondofuoristrada.it

Raffaella Carra another chapter on inheritance opens the car of

After a long time the case of Raffaella Carrà’s inheritance reopens. The queen of Italian television is once again making people talk about her and this time she does it with a rare jewel. She was undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of Italian television, the most influential and loved female character on the small screen. … Read more

The new luxury electric SUV with breathtaking performance

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

A new luxury electric SUV with breathtaking performance and seating for up to seven people is coming to the automotive market. Reservations will be open at the beginning of 2023. But what car are we talking about? Of the Lucid’s very first electric SUV, it’s called Gravity and it’s crazy. Lucid Group is setting new … Read more

Meccanico wins € 126 million in the lottery. “My new life? Villas and luxury cars, but I’m bored “

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Wins at the lottery but what boredom to be so rich. Yup, Neil Trotterhe said it’s boring to own all that money and lead a life immersed in it luxury. The transition from worker status to rich man who no longer needs to work to support himself has been strange and has brought out the … Read more

Fincantieri will produce yachts: with Four Seasons it enters the luxury cruise market

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

To put it in a joke: Four Seasons, global giant ofhotellerie luxury has decided to jump into the sea. And he did it with the style and means appropriate to an iconic brand: he launched the new division Four Seasons Yachts which – together with the entrepreneurs in the luxury sector Nadim Ashi and Philip … Read more

Homes, ecommerce, luxury purchases: the anti-evasion algorithm arrives

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

Here comes the real fight against tax evasion. Where Vera is the acronym (verification of financial relations) with which the new anti-tax evasion algorithm is named. The decree, just signed by the Minister of Economy Franco, makes available to the Revenue Agency a new generation tool that is in the wake of the use of … Read more

Car passbook costs a fortune and has a limited time duration | Here the car is a real luxury

Car passbook costs a fortune and has a limited time

If taxes in Italy are too high, it is better not to know how much you pay in this country to keep the most “popular” vehicle of all: the car. Solution to pollution? Bad policy? To you the arduous sentence. Despite the expensive gasoline, the price of electric cars and the European regulations, owning a … Read more

Bill Gates does business in Rome: Palazzo Marini will become a super luxury hotel of the Four Seasons chain

A San Juan de Puerto Rico company bought Palazzo Marini in the historic center of Rome for 165 million. Almost certainly, after a major renovation, it will become a luxury hotel. There is still no official communication, but there are technical documents and information that outline the scheme of the operation between the Caribbean island, … Read more