Ukrainians take back Lyman. Massacre of civilians in Kharkiv by Russian soldiers. Kiev: ‘Ten children among civilians killed in Kharkiv’ – World

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The day after Putin’s celebration of the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions occupied by Moscow, a Russian missile attack on the Odessa region in the early hours of the morning hits an industrial site. On the other hand, over 50 raids in 24 hours, reported Kiev, in the Donetsk region, with the death of … Read more

The Russians encircle Lyman and gain territory in the Donbass, but the advance is slow

To highlight the successes, the Army released a video showing the raid conducted with a drone on a US-supplied M777 gun battery. The destruction of the material sent by NATO is a constant message Russia and Ukraine are like two blades that are consumed by dueling. A challenge no one can tell if there will … Read more