Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health – YouTube Magazine

Bottled water watch the label this number can do damage

Plastic bottled water – Before buying bottles of water at the supermarket, read the label carefully. In this way, the food product that is added to the cart is perfectly known. It would be impossible to live without water, humanity’s most precious asset. Since ancient times, populations settled along the banks of rivers (just … Read more

Charlie Hebdo, threats and insults to an Italian cartoonist: increased vigilance. Magazine website hacked

Charlie Hebdo threats and insults to an Italian cartoonist increased

The site of the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo it was hacked. In full controversy for Tehran due to the latest caricatures published by the editorial staff regarding the supreme leader Khameneia few hours ago the site of the magazine was the victim of a cyber attack on which the French justice opened an inquiry. … Read more

Big Brother Vip, red alert in the night: “I broke something” | Physician intervention – YouTube Magazine

Big Brother Vip red alert in the night I broke

GF Vip YouBee GF VIP 7, this edition of the father of all reality shows is proving to be very tough for the competitors, as well as for viewers and Alfonso Signorini, who leads it in an excellent way. Lots of twists, surprise eliminations and disputes, some of which are very fiery, which take place … Read more

Friends, the dancer’s mother loses her temper: storm against the authors – Youbee Magazine

Friends the dancers mother loses her temper storm against the

One always happens to Amici, after the reproaches about the conditions of the house, everyone is against Mattia Zenzola who denies being one of the culprits. Mom intervenes. Friends is a program very popular with the Italian public, the first edition dates back to 2001, since now every year it has always had a growing … Read more

Rai, presenter in panic: the tragedy live – Youbee Magazine

Rai presenter in panic the tragedy live Youbee Magazine

In Rai she is a well-known and beloved presenter who was so frightened during the airing of one of her programs that she risked panicking seriously. What happened before her eyes really left her speechless. But what happened? She is a great professional with a long history behind her noble career, but, despite this, she … Read more

Emma Marrone the stolen and very sweet shot: with the baby bump she is beautiful – Youbee Magazine

Emma Marrone the stolen and very sweet shot with the

Emma is today one of the most loved all-round singers and artists by Italians of all ages. “Launched” into the vast world of seven notes and entertainment by Friends by Maria De Filippi, can count on a respectable discography and numerous successes. But the woman – in truth – is also much talked about for … Read more

Alfonso Signorini, after 20 years he must say goodbye: unfortunately he didn’t make it – Youbee Magazine

Alfonso Signorini after 20 years he must say goodbye unfortunately

Apparently there will be a huge change as regards the reality show of which Alfonso Signorini has been the undisputed landlord for several years now. But what is it about? What is certain is that there is never peace for the conductor… What will the father of all reality shows? Now viewers necessarily want to … Read more

Romina Power, what is her clinical picture: the situation is very heavy – Youbee Magazine

Romina Power what is her clinical picture the situation is

Romina Power’s fans, who are still very numerous today as well as being updated, are very worried since the singer would have given up on a spiritual event. The evening in question took place at the Castromediano Museum in Lecce but her recent health difficulties would have put her ko. But how are you today? … Read more

Michelle Hunziker found it like this: attached to pipes and machinery | the rush to the hospital – YouTubee Magazine

Michelle Hunziker found it like this attached to pipes and

Michelle Hunziker, a beautiful and professional woman in one piece, will soon become a grandmother for the first time. And this, as she also told the same about her on her social networks, where she is very active, makes her heart full of joy, as well as immense emotion. She returned single, after the end … Read more

Sergio Sylvestre, after Amici is totally unrecognizable: this is how he is reduced – Youbee Magazine

Sergio Sylvestre after Amici is totally unrecognizable this is how

How can you not remember SgtI from Friends, which deservedly triumphed in the 2016 edition? He hasn’t been seen for some time now, however, what happened to him? What is he doing now? Many talents and winners have followed one another over the course of the various editions, starting as far back as 2002 when … Read more