Covid. Doctors preach caution about the possible stop of mandatory masks in the hospital

President Fnomceo Anelli: “The concern is that, since there is no longer a national rule, citizens will remain disoriented, and feel entitled to challenge or not respect the provisions adopted in the individual structures”. Anaao: “Lowering the guard, assuming to abolish the obligation of masks in hospitals, would be a risk”. 29 OCT – “We … Read more

Masks mandatory, what changes from November 1st and for whom

The fight to the coronavirus, thanks to vaccines and variants that are fortunately becoming less and less dangerous, it has taken on a different attitude for some months. The restrictive policy has gradually left room for openness and greater coexistence with the virus. It was the Draghi government to eliminate the various restrictions, such as … Read more

Masks, surprise turnaround: where they are mandatory after October 1st

Masks surprise turnaround where they are mandatory after October 1st

Surprisingly, when everyone was now convinced that we would say goodbye to masks from 1 October, here came a extension by the Ministry of Health, for a few days still led by Minister Roberto Speranza. But it is an extension with some exceptions. Let’s try to understand what changes. Where masks are still mandatory until … Read more

Dear bills, the EU plan: towards the mandatory cut in electricity consumption. “Countries will choose the time slots”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Gas it’s expensive billshere is the future scenario. The winter of a Europe increasingly involved in the war in Ukraine will also be that of the mandatory cut in electricity consumption, at least during peak hours. Brussels is preparing to launch the first part of the energy package, first of all putting on the table … Read more

What is ISA, the new mandatory electronic system on cars from 6 July

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

1 The July 6, 2022 the obligation arises, for all car manufacturers, to equip the new models with the so-called “ISA“, that is theIntelligent Speed ​​Assistance. Expected from EU Regulation 2019/2144ISA is an electronic safety system, which according to estimates by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) could reduce accidents by 30% and road deaths … Read more

POS mandatory from June 30th. Here are the most convenient solutions to comply with the law (even without a monthly fee)

POS mandatory from June 30th Here are the most convenient

From 30 June, commercial establishments that do not accept payments in electronic money can be fined: 30 euros for each denied transaction, of any amount, through a POS plus 4% of the value of the denied transaction. It is no longer a question of choice: whoever does not comply risks a sanction. Today the … Read more

Smallpox of monkeys, mandatory quarantine and vaccine: Crisanti dictates the strategy to avoid contagion

1653948063 Smallpox of monkeys mandatory quarantine and vaccine Crisanti dictates the

Epidemiologist Andrea Crisanti has proposed quarantine for close contacts and “ring” vaccination for the people most exposed to the infection By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 05-30-2022 17:54 41 L’World Health Organization he made it known that as of May 26, in total, they were counted 257 cases confirmed from monkeypox and 120 suspects. No deaths … Read more