Victoria by Måneskin: “Free the nipple”. MTV censorship and Instagram photos

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The support of Victoria of the Måneskin to the “Free the nipple” movement. In reality it has a much more serious and profound meaning, and which aims to break down any taboo related to the female body. On the occasion of the MTV VMAs 2022, the bassist of the rock group was censored. After a … Read more

Risks from the Maneskin concert in Rome. The commissioner: ‘No postponement’ – Culture & Entertainment

Risks from the Maneskin concert in Rome The commissioner No

Does discuss the Maneskin concert at Circo Massimo next Saturday, after the Fimmg Lazio doctors warned about the risk of a surge in cases Covid among the tens of thousands of people expected as an audience. If the Roman band declined to comment, on social media there was an outcry in defense of Damiano and … Read more

Yes, the 80s rock star is right: Maneskin sucks – Max Del Papa

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

There is a lesson that dummies should learn. Give proof of yourself first, then pose yourself. While the big business of vacuum does the opposite, it imposes mannequins, poseur who have nothing to say “and they have time left”. The philosophy of the current show is easy: take the money and disappear, grab as much … Read more

Ethan of Måneskin, one of his chat enters the Portanova trial: he talks about sex with the girl who accused the footballer (but is not investigated)

from Andrea Pasqualetto The conversation between the drummer (unrelated to the procedure and not investigated) and the young woman who reported the athlete and his friends for rape. The defense: frame the story. The girl’s lawyer: clear, she says that she is not interested in group sex We had to talk about Manolo Portanova and … Read more

Scontro tra i Maneskin e Mick Jagger: la replica di Damiano è al veleno

Non sono andate giù ai Måneskin le parole pronunciate da Mick Jagger sullo stato del rock’n’roll. In un’intervista il frontman dei Rolling Stones aveva lamentato la mancanza di nuovi cantanti rock e dell’energia necessaria per quel genere musicale. Allo stesso tempo aveva lodato Yungblud e Machine Gun Kelly come due artisti la cui musica genera un … Read more

Cannes: Maneskin arrives, red carpet rock for Elvis – Cinema

Cannes Maneskin arrives red carpet rock for Elvis Cinema

It will be a Montee des Marches to the rhythm of rock ‘n roll on Wednesday 25 May. There is the world premiere of one of the most anticipated films of the Cannes 2022 festival, Elvis by Baz Luhrmann dedicated to the “real” Elvis Presley, as the trailer says, and to his relationship with the … Read more

Maneskin, Victoria is sick: who replaced her (with irony) by Jimmy Fallon

Maneskin Victoria is sick who replaced her with irony by

Måneskin, from red to green carpet: the boldest looks that have left their mark THE Måneskin they never cease to surprise: the group was a guest, for the second time in a few months, of the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, one of the most famous and highly regarded shows in the United States. The … Read more

«Io e le mie voragini»: storia di Victoria, la ragazza che ha creato i Måneskin

di Luca Mastrantonio La passione per lo skate e l’amore per il basso, le origini danesi e la voglia di modaRitratto di Victoria De Angelis, che ha fatto conoscere i membri dei Måneskin, curandone lo stile. E di sé dice: «Ho imparato a gestire le mie voragini» Victoria De Angelis nel 2013 non poteva sapere … Read more