Self-employed and employees, who gains and who loses with the maneuver

Listen to the audio version of the article Do the measures contained in the manov’a favor the world of self-employment to the detriment of employees, as claimed by the opposition (particularly the Democratic Party) and the trade unions by the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini? Is there a concrete possibility of a sort of … Read more

Maneuver Meloni, only crumbs for health care: doctors in a state of agitation. Unions and orders: “There will be mass escapes from hospitals” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Maneuver Meloni only crumbs for health care doctors in a

In a maneuver already skimpy, for the healthcare oppressed by two years of pandemic they remained just the crumbs. And the doctors are preparing to go down in the squareif the Meloni government should not intervene to remedy. The draft of the budget law in fact provides for the 2023 only two billion more to … Read more

Here is the Maneuver: 136 articles between tax authorities, pensions and energy. Calenda opens, Meloni sees it – Politics

Here is the Maneuver 136 articles between tax authorities pensions

The President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni will meet the leader of Action next week, Charles Calenda. “We are asking Meloni for a meeting”, Calenda said today, speaking of an “extremely incomplete maneuver” and adding that the premier is new “in the role and” I think she should be helped, not just challenged. We are … Read more

Bills, cuts from the maneuver: budget law of over 40 billion, 75% will go to aid to businesses and families

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The decision now seems to have been taken: to finance the budget law, the government will make more deficits. By creating a financial space of over 20 billion, at the service of a maneuver that will be focused on combating expensive bills. Three quarters of the available resources will be allocated to this item, which … Read more

Heimlich maneuver, the simple technique that saved Alessia Marcuzzi: here’s how it’s done

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

from Margherita De Bac Everyone can learn it. used to unblock the airways and avoid the suffocation of adults and children: this is how it is done The rescue told Monday by the host Alessia Marcuzzi, who risked suffocation for having swallowed a piece of octopus ended up in the tracheahas brought back a simple … Read more

“Our borders violated”: the maneuver of the Russian ship that irritates Denmark (and NATO)

Moscow falls back on it and angers a member of the EU: this time it was the turn of the Denmarkvery irritated by the violation of her waters by one ship Russian military, a corvette, during the past few hours. According to the armed forces of Copenhagen, the boat entered Danish waters for the first … Read more