MasterChef Italia 12 sneak peeks: Mystery Box surprise and outside Tropea

MasterChef Italia 12 sneak peeks Mystery Box surprise and outside

The challenges continue in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia and on the evening of Thursday 12 January on Sky available in streaming on NOW. The tests will reserve surprises and twists that will put amateur cooks in serious difficulty. Here’s what we should expect for the new installment. New pitfalls await the amateur cooks of … Read more

MasterChef Italy, Francesco attacks the judges: «Remember that we are people»

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An unprecedented Black Mystery Boxit Skill Tests under the severe gaze of the starred chef David Scabin it’s a surprise double elimination seasoned with not too veiled controversies. It was an episode of MasterChef Italia full of tension that aired on Thursday 5 January on SkyUno and in streaming on NOW, which ended with a … Read more

MasterChef Italia off air: the judges really did it –

MasterChef Italia off air the judges really did it

Sensational unscheduled at MasterChef Italia and which involves the three judges of the cooking show, who have implemented something absolutely incredible that has not gone unnoticed in any way. MasterChef unscheduled judges – RicettaSprint A very special moment for all the fans of the program dedicated to the Sky home cooking competition, Master Chef Italygiven … Read more