Clizia Incorvaia criticized for her son’s first meal: “I don’t want scum to spoil the video”

Clizia Incorvaia criticized for her sons first meal I dont

Clizia Incorvaia, recently mother of little Gabriele born of love with Paolo Ciavarro, was criticized for sharing the video of her son’s first meal on social media. The former gieffina, overwhelmed by negative comments, has thus decided to cancel the moment because “I don’t want negative energies and people who write things without criteria”. Last … Read more

Spending paid with meal vouchers, watch out for this date: tickets will not be accepted

More and more companies are adopting i food stamps as a form of corporate welfare. These are tickets that are given monthly for each day worked and can be used for the purchase of food items in affiliated shops in the absence of a company canteen. Very often these vouchers are not spent on lunch … Read more

Meal vouchers, strike 15 June: bars, supermarkets and restaurants do not accept tickets

That’s enough! Better to put them in paychecks, they often support hypermarkets and supermarkets. With these commissions you can not continue, the merchants claim. This poor quality meat, whisper the patrons / white-collar workers who swarm in bars and taverns during the half-hour lunch break. Lucky are those who have the company canteen, many confide, … Read more

“We won’t accept them anymore.” He mounts the protest: goodbye to meal vouchers?

20% commissions on food stamps it is no longer a sustainable situation: this is the position of traders and restaurateurs, who threaten to no longer accept tickets. On a war footing, the representatives of Conad, Coop, Fiepet Confesercenti, Federdistribuzione, Fida and Fipe Confcommercio are determined to go all the way. “After two years of pandemic, … Read more