Ferrari: the secret room for lightning pit stops. Mechanics forced to follow a diet and go to the gym

Ferrari the secret room for lightning pit stops Mechanics forced

Of Daniele Sparisci, sent to Maranello In Maranello 40 exercises a day before the championship, those who change tires are forced to go to the gym three times a week and follow a special diet Inside the big white room in the basement is a single-seater sitting on the tracks, comes from Ferrari 2018 with … Read more

Flat car battery, with the headlight trick you can solve it in an instant: only the mechanics know it –

Flat car battery with the headlight trick you can solve

You get out of the house in the morning, get into the car, put it in order and the bitter surprise: the car won’t start because the battery can’t start the engine. And the swearing and yelling begin, because we’re already always late and we have to go to work and also leave the children … Read more

Engine warning light, honk for 30 seconds: here’s the mechanics trick –

Engine warning light honk for 30 seconds heres the mechanics

The engine light always makes us terrified should it come on. Many motorists never drive multiple cars in a lifetime, so it’s almost an urban legend driven by word of mouth. But everyone knows that if it lights up, the damage could be very serious and it pays to stop. But is it always like … Read more