Artificial intelligence and medicine. New challenges for the Code of Medical Ethics

by Lucio Romano 26 SEPT – Dear Director,in the next Code of medical ethics the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) will be dealt with. The initiative, announced by the President of FNOMCeO Filippo Anelli and reported by Health Newspaper, it is timely and commendable. It represents the need to combine ethics with assistance based on … Read more

“No to the establishment of the medical faculty at Unical”, sit in protest in Catanzaro: exposed a coffin announcing death Umg

Catanzaro – In the square to say no to a second Faculty of Medicine in Calabria after the one that has been active for decades at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro. This is the message launched this morning during the event held in a square in the Lido district of the regional capital. … Read more

“These are heavy days for me”: a famous person tells the outcome of medical checks

These are heavy days for me a famous person tells

She underwent medical checks for a recently found ailment: the famous character then revealed the diagnosis on Instagram. Her unusual absence on social media had aroused apprehension in fans where she is one of the influencer most admired and followed Italians. And it could not be otherwise, given the remarkable beauty of her which remains … Read more

Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

Charles III the fingers of the new King of the

King Charles’s swollen and red fingers have already raised some doubts about his health conditions: here are what could be the reasons Published on: 11-09-2022 21:20 JOURNALIST Freelance journalist. Born in Cagliari in 1993, he graduated in Languages ​​and Communication and then continued his studies in the field of journalism. He takes his first professional … Read more

Work and medical examination obligation, what is the risk of refusal

the law provides for the obligation for employers to guarantee employees a medical examination carried out by a competent doctor, as part of the protection of health and safety in the workplace. For the worker it is a right but, in some cases, also a duty, in particular when the activity he carries out involves … Read more

Thousands of medical tests, protests throughout Italy – Chronicle

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

From the definition of the Def to the calculation of the horizontal flight of the magpie, from the Constitutio de feudis to electronegativity. ALL THE QUESTIONS These are some of the 60 multiple choice questions that the thousands (65 thousand had enrolled) of aspiring doctors had to answer today in the tests for access to … Read more

Because there is a limited number for the medical faculties

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

AGI – Programming based on the capacity of universities, safeguarding training quality and places calculated on medium-term needs by the Ministry of Health and the Regions. This is the rationale behind it the choice of ‘limited number’ access for Medicine and for scientific facultieseven if this year the debate on the need to make access … Read more

Medical examination for suitability for work: what to know in order not to risk

Medical examination for suitability for work what to know in

Caution is never too much: here is everything you need to know about the medical examination for suitability for work, be careful. How many times have you underestimated or even ignored it, thinking it wasn’t that important? Yet this is not the case. Medical examination for suitability for work: what to know in order not … Read more

FIMMG Bari – Covid: Expanding the beds in the medical and intensive care area and alerting the local services

The Ministry’s first alarm goes off Thursday 07 July 2022 Health Newspaper In addition to the incidence, the occupancy rates of beds in the medical area (9.2%, with a relative increase in the number of hospitalized patients by 22%) and in intensive care (2.5%, with a relative increase in the number) of hospitalized by 13.6%). … Read more

Milan, Origi lands at Malpensa: tomorrow medical examinations and signing All the negotiations live

from Sport Editing and Di Marzio Editing Today’s news, negotiations and rumors about Milan, Inter, Juventus, Rome, Naples and all the other Serie A teams and other leagues 7:35 pm – Skriniar, from Chelsea backfire (Michele Cappello – Di Marzio editorial staff) Milan Skriniar not only appeals to Paris Saint-Germain. In fact, Chelsea came back … Read more