Bergamo, three thousand unobtainable medicines (even life-saving), pharmacists produce them at home

Bergamo three thousand unobtainable medicines even life saving pharmacists produce them

Of Martha Cologni The shortage affects more than 3,000 products, due to the lack of active ingredients and raw materials for packaging, but there are equivalents They have headaches, neck pain or flu, but also serious illnesses that need immediate treatment. But more and more people from Bergamo are forced to leave the pharmacy empty-handed … Read more

Medicines, alarm in Italy: 3,200 medicines that cannot be found on the counters | The Minister of Health initiates checks

Medicines alarm in Italy 3200 medicines that cannot be found

The Ministry of Health initiates checks Identification of medicines experiencing a real shortage, short and medium-term response interventions to promptly meet the needs of citizens and the definition of communication and awareness-raising activities in order to avoid alarmism and consequent unjustified rush to purchase. This is what the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, highlighted in … Read more

Medicines that have become “untraceable” in Italy: what they are

In Italy there are about 3,200 “untraceable” drugs: this is what emerges from the latest update of AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency which constantly publishes, on its official website, the list of temporarily deficient medicines. The shortage of commonly used medicines in our country, in a period of high flu diffusion, is caused by various … Read more

Medicines to heal themselves are starting to run out

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There is a shortage of medicines in local pharmacies. A phenomenon that is spreading nationwide, due to a combination of shortage of active ingredients and packaging, which has led to a slowdown in production and consequently in availability. “The problem arises from the union of different phenomena, above all from the fact that much of … Read more

Antibiotics, ibuprofen and paracetamol, an emergency for the winter: here are all the unobtainable medicines

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

this year theinfluence it hit the Italians hardest. Not only in terms of diffusion, but also due to the difficult availability of drugs that help manage the symptoms. Ibuprofen and paracetamol, for example, a “must” in this period, can not always be found in the pharmacy. Or at least often they are not found in … Read more

Covid plus flu, medicines that cannot be found: “Three thousand are missing”. The alarm from Federfarma and general practitioners

Covid plus flu medicines that cannot be found Three thousand

It doesn’t matter how many pharmacies are reached: one, two, three or even four in a row. There are some drugs which are practically unobtainable in Italy and not only. From North to South of our country, some medicines disappear as soon as pharmacies are stocked up. We didn’t suffer a similar shortage even in … Read more

Shortage of raw materials, some medicines are missing: pharmacists prepare them

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Do you want to advertise on this site? I am over three thousand medicines are deficient reported by the Italian Medicines Agency. Particularly anti-inflammatories and fever-reducing products whose use has increased significantly in recent weeks, a period of “perfect storm” that has forced thousands of people to bed due to theinfluence seasonal and, to a … Read more

The flu is increasingly scary but medicines are scarce, alarm and what to do immediately –

The flu is increasingly scary but medicines are scarce alarm

The flu is increasingly scary also because medicines are starting to run out. It is alarm among the population. What to do? For two years she was absent with excuses. Too stronger than her COVID-19, which caused one of the most dramatic pandemics in human history. The flu patiently waited for his turn to return … Read more

Expired medicines: don’t throw them away, you will be surprised what you can do with them “know it first” –

Expired medicines dont throw them away you will be surprised

Italy holds the record for drug waste. An expense that costs several million euros. Tick ​​an app to avoid all this. The waste of medicines it is undoubtedly a serious problem affecting our entire country. The numbers are really creepy. In fact, it is calculated that the waste of medicines in Italy is equal to … Read more

Germany remains without medicines, serious shortages for 51 preparations including antibiotics and oncological medicines – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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There are around 330 medicines that are experiencing shortages in Germany. The Federal Medicines Agency (Bfarm) indicates a critic situation for at least 51 prepared with 17 active ingredients. These are mainly generics such as the flu shots or cough syrups for children, but also medicines such as tamoxifen, prescribed in oncological therapies, and some … Read more