LIVE Italy-Scotland 5-7, European Curling Championships 2022 LIVE: first defeat for the Azzurri who will meet the Scots again in the semifinal

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE ITALY-SWITZERLAND LIVE LIVE FROM 12.00, EUROPEAN CURLING WOMEN’S SEMI-FINAL 10.54: Thanks for following us, that’s all for now. Good day! 10.53: The time of the Italy semifinal will be known shortly, we refer you to the news and programs on OA Sport but at 12 the appointment with the … Read more

Serie A stops, DAZN comes to meet the fans: how to block the season ticket –

Serie A stops DAZN comes to meet the fans how

The sports broadcaster DAZN has launched the function that can save many football fans and season ticket holders who will have to stay until January without the Serie A championship. From last week the Italian Serie A is at a standstill. National football has not stopped only in Italy, but all over the world, to … Read more

Maurizio Costanzo, health conditions are concerned: “We will meet again”

Maurizio Costanzo health conditions are concerned We will meet again

Recently it was announced the postponement of the Maurizio Costanzo Show with respect to the usual appointments and this has caused many to worry about Maurizio Costanzo’s health conditions. The presenter and journalist, however, wanted to reassure his audience by updating everyone on his health conditions. Here’s how Maurizio Costanzo is. Maurizio Costanzo is one … Read more

Maurizio Costanzo worries about his health conditions: “We will meet again”

Maurizio Costanzo worries about his health conditions We will meet

With the news of the postponement of the Maurizio Costanzo Show released in these days, Maurizio Costanzo wanted to reassure his fans by letting them know what his health conditions are. Here’s how the famous host and journalist is doing. Health Maurizio Costanzo – Maurizio Costanzo is one of the pillars of television and … Read more

How to save electricity: strategies to meet the high-bills

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

With the new update of the electricity tariffs established by the Arera (+ 59% for the last quarter of the year) and the perspective of further increases on gas in the coming months, the hunger for savings among Italians is growing. “The energy crisis is putting the stability of our country at risk. Many businesses … Read more

Queen Elizabeth dead, her timeless composure even in difficult moments: from Diana’s death to ‘we’ll meet again’ during Covid – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Flawless, impassive, imperturbable. That serious, composed, at times inscrutable communicative attitude, which over time we have recklessly defined as English understatement, seems to have been born and made one with Queen Elizabeth. His calm and steadfast public appearances, compared to the turbulent private affairs of the royal family, or even just the most egregious British … Read more

The Franco-German energy axis is born: ‘Paris will send gas to Berlin and receive electricity’. Iran: ‘Without sanctions we meet EU needs’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brexit new clash between Great Britain and the EU London

With the skyrocketing gas costs and the growing supply difficulties caused by the energy crisis triggered by the Russian stop to supplies, France And Germany sign a mutual support agreement for winter. After an interview between Emmanuel Macron And Olaf Scholzthe French president announced the agreement on the Franco-German axis, with Paris which will provide … Read more

Binotto goes to Montecarlo to meet Leclerc: after the relaxing signal, Ferrari now choose a clear strategy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

LIVE Giochi del Mediterraneo 2022 in DIRETTA ori nel tennis

The soothing signal which was needed, after Sparks of the post-race of Silverstone. For Charles Leclerc a scorching fourth place in England after cradling sweet dreams of victory, for Mattia Binotto the need to calm a climate that had been troubled in Great Britain (with consequent criticisms, you arrive for favoring Sainz and not the … Read more

Elon Musk in mask: in Rome to meet Pope Francis, then a trip to Venice. Who is the damina

Elon Musk in mask in Rome to meet Pope Francis

Elon Musk on tour in Italy with an initial stop at the Vatican: at the airport of Rome Ciampino the founder of Tesla And SpaceX he landed yesterday around 2 pm with his private plane that took off 9 and a half hours earlier from Austin (Texas). A few hours stopover to see Pope Francis … Read more

Draghi, Macron and Scholz in Kiev: today they meet Zelensky

Having left in the evening by train, with very high security measures, today they meet Zelensky. The unprecedented role of Italy The Ukrainian government: “Don’t come and propose Minsk 3” FROM OUR SENDKIEV – «We have come to send a message from unit European Union towards all Ukrainian citizens. A message from support because the … Read more