War, today’s news. Putin meets the soldiers’ mothers: “Don’t believe the internet and TV”. Raid on Kherson: patients evacuated from hospitals

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

2022-11-25 17:32:42 Putin meets Chechen commander Kadyrov Russian President Vladimir Putin he is scheduled for a meeting with Chechen commander Ramzan today Kadyrov. This was announced by the head of the Kremlin to a delegation of mothers of Russian soldiers engaged in Ukraine. “I have to meet Ramzan Akhmatovich now, I have a working meeting … Read more

She falls in love with a guy she met online and meets him, but is killed and torn apart

She falls in love with a guy she met online

Blanca Arellano, a 51-year-old Mexican, chatted for months with Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte, 37, a Peruvian medical student. She up to decide to get on a plane and meet him. She never came home. She traveled over 4,000 kilometers to meet that man she met online, but she never came home. Blanca Arellanoa 51-year-old Mexican … Read more

The First Descendant: When a looter shooter meets Overwatch, the interview

The First Descendant When a looter shooter meets Overwatch the

In the interview with the Producer of The First Descendant we discover the origins and how this looter shooter inspired by Overwatch and Apex Legends will be supported. The First Descendant, the new free-to-play looter shooter developed by Nexon, has intrigued sci-fi MMO fans a lot thanks to its high-speed gameplay and a genre-unique class … Read more

Tim Cook in Milan: Apple CEO meets the brilliant guys of Bending Spoons, 500 million downloads

from Alessio Lana He visited the Triennale and the Apple store in Piazza del Liberty and then stopped in Corso Como, the headquarters of the company that created Immuni: If you exclude gaming, we are in the world top ten Removed the togaTim Cook back to the classic dark polo. After receiving the laurea honoris … Read more

Ukraine, G7: ‘Putin must not win the war’. Jill Biden meets Zelensky’s wife – Mondo

Ukraine G7 Putin must not win the war Jill Biden

The G7 countries have pledged to stop the import of Russian oil: the White House reports after the video call among the leaders while the green light of the EU is still being postponed to Moscow’s gradual oil embargo. Meanwhile, diplomacy is on the move. Jill Biden took a surprise trip to western Ukraine meeting … Read more