Ausl: new directors for mental health services – Redacon

Three new directors have been appointed for as many health facilities in the mental health services sector. We are talking about Roberto Salati, the new director of the psychiatric diagnosis and treatment service; Alessandro Lezza, new director of mental health services in the southern area and Francesca Fontana new director of mental health services in … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti abandons Twitter: “My mental health will benefit”

Aurora Ramazzotti visit to the clinic in Lugano with mother

December 24, 2022 11:12 The reason that prompted the influencer to close his account is unknown Bye bye Twitter Blame the haters? It is not known who or what prompted Aurora Ramazzotti to deactivate her Twitter account, the fact is that now she is no longer reachable in Elon Musk’s … Read more

#mentalhealth: mental health becomes a hashtag and influencers monetize it

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

There is more and more talk of mental health and the conversation has also reached social networks, where the topic touches millions of people every day between users and influencers. To give just a few examples, the hashtag #mentalhealth was used for 43.9 million pieces of content on Instagram and 59.5 million on TikTok. The … Read more

Mental health 2021. Merciless picture from the ministerial report

by Andrea Angelozzi 15 DEC – Dear Director, the publication of the annual Mental Health Report – of which he gave us timely news Health newspaper – it is always an important appointment to verify the progress of this health need and the state of the services dedicated to it. Having entered into full operation … Read more

Mental health. Identified a potential marker of susceptibility to stress

This was highlighted by researchers from the ISS Reference Center for Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health, in a study published in Translational Psychiatrysuggesting that MECP2 may be a marker of susceptibility to stress. I STUDY. 12 DEC – A reduction in the blood of the MECP2 protein would seem to favor the risk of developing … Read more

Pandemic and perinatal mental health: women at risk of depression almost tripled

This is revealed by the first preliminary results of a survey involving more than 14,000 women who performed screening in the period 2019-2022 at the local public services that participate in the Italian Network for Perinatal Mental Health, coordinated by the Reference Center for Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health (SCIC) of the Istituto Superiore di … Read more

Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health: the latest incredible discovery

Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health the latest incredible discovery

Playing sports and adopting a healthy lifestyle are not choices that “only” affect body health: the latest discovery shows a correlation with mental well-being Sports (Pexels) Adopting healthy lifestyle choices is a method as important as it is effective for preserve health and it has been ascertained by science how much they can also influence … Read more

Mental health and the weakness of the answers you give

by Francesca Beans, Marcella Beans 28 NOV – Dear Director,mental health is fundamental in the existence of a human being and has repercussions on the entire community. It is a theme that cannot be avoided. Mental well-being, like physical well-being, must be at the center of health policies and politics in general. Mental health is … Read more

Which mental health vaccine?

by Pasquale Califano 07 NOV – Dear Director,mental health, unlike other sectors of medicine and public health in general, does not require huge and sophisticated instrumental resources. Today, the choice to allocate resources in specific areas rather than others, obviously in the field of mental health, makes a considerable difference. Thinking exclusively in terms of … Read more

How exercise improves mental health, according to neuroscience

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Exercise and mental health, an indissoluble link In order to protect mental health, it is necessary to devote a certain amount of time to physical exercise. The World Health Organization recommends it, because, as many sources point out, there is no health without mental health. WHO estimates that you need between 150 and 300 minutes … Read more