The Mercedes GLE wants to stay young

The Mercedes GLE wants to stay young

FROM 2019 – After five years on the market the current generation of Mercedes GLE (codename W167) it updates with stylistic, technological and technical innovations, with the engine range which is now completely electrified. STYLE – From a stylistic point of view, no substantial changes have been made to the Mercedes GLEthe designers have in … Read more

Mercedes and the PU 2022: “Problems with delivery and driveability” |

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The Mercedes power unit was the most reliable of the whole lot last season. In fact, several cars equipped with Brixworth engines completed the championship without exceeding the limit of three seasonal units, the only ones to do so on the grid. However, reliability and power are just some of the parameters that certify the … Read more

Mercedes S-Class AMG: new hybrid, high performance

A long awaited return. More than 50 years after the first generation, Mercedes-Benz is launching a new version of the AMG S 63a luxury sedan with a decidedly sporty soul from the Stuttgart company. And innovative too: the Mercedes-AMG S 63 is equipped with a electric power train which gives even more power and a … Read more

If you pay, you go faster: Mercedes turbocharges electric cars

An option that increases the power of the zero-emission engines will be available on some models. The one that limits the maximum speed for inexperienced drivers is also on the way Once upon a time German car manufacturerto famous at one time to make available only as optionalon some models, the fifth gear. It’s about … Read more

Mercedes, the epic failure of the German: other than Class A, this is really bad

Mercedes the epic failure of the German other than Class

Today it is the most famous small car ever produced in Germany under this brand. But it could have been a sensational fiasco: look at how they intended to produce it a few years ago, the images are really ridiculous. Drawing a car is not easy especially if it is of the first vehicle of … Read more

Tutti i nuovi Suv Mercedes nel 2023, dal pi economico al pi costoso ce ne per tutti

La gamma Mercedes si suddivide in una moltitudine di proposte con cinque etichette. Oltre alla gamma classica, troviamo le versioni sportive, lussuose, 100% elettriche ma anche avventurose. Tuttavia, nulla impedirà un certo mix tra queste etichette: quindi una versione elettrica può benissimo sposarsi con una versione AMG o con un’offerta G. In questo contesto, i … Read more

Mercedes classe E, la berlina di lusso si rifà il look: le foto non lasciano dubbi | Si torna alla classe di un tempo –

Mercedes classe E la berlina di lusso si rifa il

Si profila un rinnovamento e restyling per un modello di auto tedesco molto apprezzato dal pubblico. Ecco di quale vettura parliamo… La aspettiamo da mesi. Dovrebbe arrivare nel 2023 ma…in Germania è stata già avvistata e spiata, in particolare da un canale YouTube (WalkoArtVideos) che ne ha diffuso un filmato. Sono poi state scattate altre … Read more

F1, mourning at Mercedes: the team’s creepy homage arrives

F1 mourning at Mercedes the teams creepy homage arrives

Mercedes has announced that it will pay tribute to an important member of the team who passed away prematurely last weekend. The Mercedes team has chosen to remember Anthony Lane, a prominent figure in the garage of the Teutonic house. The boy was from 1996 and had grown up on the three-pointed star talent program. … Read more

Mercedes A-Class restyling: prices announced

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Mercedes announces the prices of its most compact car, the Mercedes A-Classof which he recently announced the mid-career restyling (here to know more). The renewed A-Class will be available in Italy in the dual compact and sedan (sedan) versions, respectively starting from 35,120 euros for the 116 bhp A 180 Automatic Executive, and € 35,986. … Read more

Mercedes unveils the new A-Class and B-Class – Tests and News

Mercedes unveils the new A Class and B Class Tests and

The new Mercedes philosophy that sees the brand focus on “upperlevel” cars is realized with the arrival of the new A-Class and B-Class. Perfectly balanced proportions, meticulous attention to detail in the design, and a range of models strictly geared to the wishes of customers: the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, in both hatchback and sedan versions, … Read more