Mercedes c63 amg, with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini: 680 hp of pure power –

Mercedes c63 amg with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini

The C63 amg SE Performance, the new release from Mercedes, promises exhilarating performance. Every new Mercedes car release is an event, and now there is no exception. 680 hp of power for the latest technology hybrid engine. The new evolutionary model from Mercedes C63 it is in the name of renewal and the transition to … Read more

New BYD Atto 3 2022-2023, the compact SUV that offers features of the Mercedes EQA 250

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Spotlights on new BYD Act 3 2022-2023. We are facing an SUV that could garner support and commercial feedback. Far from being new to the market, BYD was founded in 1995 and therefore has 27 years of experience, initially in vehicle batteries. Since 2005 the brand has been marketing its models among passenger vehicles, buses … Read more

Nuova Mercedes Classe A 2022-2023, pi che una semplice city car a soli 25mila euro

Mercedes Classe A 2022-2023 è pronta a ricevere un nuovo aggiornamento, come confermato dagli scatti di dei prototipi che stanno facendo il giro del web. Non dovrebbe comunque stravolgere il suo stile durante questo restyling. I fari manterranno la stessa forma angolare, ma avranno una nuova firma luminosa a Led più sottile. Da rivedere anche … Read more

Mercedes GLC: Comfort, agility and a long way to zero emissions

Increase the trunk The second generation of the Mercedes GLC it is 6 cm longer (472 in total) and has only electrified motors. The trunk also grows: 620 liters (70 more than before, most of which in the double bottom), which drops to 470 for the plug-in tested (it was 395). This is the best-selling … Read more

Mercedes C SW: It costs, but then it makes the 20 with a liter

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Really modern Dashboard and controlsThe dashboard of the Mercedes C-Class SW really says something new in style. The upper band houses five rounded vents, the lower one is angled and, in the test car, covered in a refined black open-pore poplar with thin strips of aluminum. On the left there is the 12.3 ”digital dashboard, … Read more

Mercedes T-Class: first test for the minivan with the star | Video

Mercedes T Class first test for the minivan with the star

Mercedes T-Class is further confirmation of the return of a segment that had been neglected for some time, that of the “multi-space” or minivan. Talking about categories today is more difficult than yesterday because the “crossover” philosophy (understood as cars that are halfway between two segments and not as small SUVs) has long infected the … Read more

New Mercedes Glc, 100 km electric plug-in hybrid

Mild hybrid and rechargeable hybrid engines on tap for the new version of the German SUV. Prices have not yet been disclosed Alessandro Pinto 02 June – Milan Evolve without upsetting a model you like like Mercedes Glc. It seems the line followed in Stuttgart for the second generation of the best-selling SUV of the … Read more

Mercedes A-Class: now also under construction Night Edition – The Test by ANSA Motori

To celebrate 25 years of the Mercedes A-Class, a real best seller of the “little one” from Stuttgart, a special version arrives: the Night Edition. An important content upgrade that makes the A-Class even sportier and more exclusive, with a customer advantage of 8% over the price of the car. With the Night Edition, the … Read more

The Mercedes repositions itself upwards

LET’S DISCOVER THE ECONOMY OF DESIRE – Event on the Côte d’Azur (and where else?) With an evocative name – Economics of Desire – to outline the strategic path of Mercedes-Benz. One of the luxury brands par excellence will further emphasize this connotation concentrating further on luxurywill further increase the level of its range, will … Read more