Interest rates and Mes: why the double vice worries Meloni

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

As expected, the European Central Bank raised interest rates again, albeit at a lower level than previously thought. Now, the main rate, that on deposits, is at 2%, and the growth path should continue in the coming months. Behind this upward trajectory there is undoubtedly pressure from Germany, in particular from the Bundesbank, which has … Read more

The ECB raises rates and calls on the Mes, Italy attacks – Economy

The ECB raises rates and calls on the Mes Italy

The ECB goes into hawkish mode: a new tightening of rates, the promise that they will increase again “at a rate of 50 basis points at a time for a certain period”, and from March the bonds bought in the last eight years will begin to be unloaded on the market. And so – also … Read more