Whatsapp, find out who blocked you: the new very fast method

Whatsapp find out who blocked you the new very fast

Find out if someone has blocked you – Newsby WhatsApp, find out who blocked you with this new very fast method: here’s how to do it, it’s also simple to implement. This 2023 promises to be a year really full of news for Whatsapp, an application which, due to its use and popularity, is constantly … Read more

If you have deleted a Messenger chat you can recover it | Foolproof method – Player.it

If you have deleted a Messenger chat you can recover

Digital communication has become, in recent years, fast, safe and free. Several years have passed since the advent of social media and many innovations have been brought to the field of communication interpersonal and sharing experiences online. Through new methods, increasingly avant-garde, it is in fact possible to keep in touch in a simple and … Read more

Liver cancer, blood tests for early diagnosis: new experimental method

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Scholars are fine-tuning a new blood test capable of identifying liver cancer. This test is called DNA Evaluation of Fragments for Early Interception (DELFI). This is an investigational exam it is based on artificial intelligencewhich would make it possible to track down the cancer cells that are released into the blood of the sick individual. … Read more

Fitness: training 4.0 with the WB-EMS method certified by “Tor Vergata”

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Not just athletic training: the muscle stimulation suit is also an ally for the treatment of motor pathologies Get the same results as two hours of traditional training in twenty minutes. This is the goal of Urban Fitness, the Italian fast training company, which has signed an agreement with the German Symbiont for the implementation … Read more

Spying on other people’s cell phones will be even easier thanks to this method

Spying on other peoples cell phones will be even easier

To spy on a particular person’s cell phone, sometimes you also need external help. The important thing is knowing how to act. By this we mean that spying is not always a bad or bad thing. Sometimes, in fact, it is also a method to protect what you love. Canva Photo To be clear, in … Read more

The natural method to control appetite and reduce calories

Keeping your appetite at bay and cutting calories? According to some Australian scientists there is a way and it’s also easy… Eugene Spagnuolo 05 December – Milan Raise your hand if you haven’t been tempted to give in to a sin of gluttony during a diet. But cutting your daily calories takes effort, and even … Read more

Whatsapp, are you curious to know if you are spied on? Here is the foolproof method

Whatsapp are you curious to know if you are spied

Are you afraid that someone is spying on you? There is a way to find out who is spying on you on WhatsApp and also a trick to hide our most personal information on the app. Always in constant evolution, WhatsApp with always new functions to offer to its users remains on the podium of … Read more

Android, discovered (by accident) a trivial method to bypass the lock screen

A security researcher almost accidentally found a method to bypass the lock screen on some Google Pixel series smartphones working until last week. The method allowed anyone with physical access to a smartphone to unlock it through a simple five-step process that takes no more than a few minutes. The vulnerability was fixed with the … Read more

Last hour photovoltaic, take the new method: goodbye electricity bill | You can have it too –

Last hour photovoltaic take the new method goodbye electricity bill

From now on you can have energy without costs and green. These photovoltaic panels can be installed immediately for only 400 euros. More and more Italians are choosing renewable energy sources for their domestic energy needs, in particular photovoltaic panels. But with the semiconductor crisis their price has risen and the procedures for accessing the … Read more

Clothes, how to hang them so you don’t have to iron them: the ancient Japanese method

Clothes how to hang them so you dont have to

There is a way to hang clothes in a very particular way without having to iron them. This is what the Japanese method consists of. Spreading clothes with the Japanese method – Nanopress.it During our household chores we find ourselves every day or almost to come to terms with ours laundry and with the mountain … Read more