Kate Middleton, the astrologer’s prophecy: “Disastrous changes in March”

Kate Middleton the astrologers prophecy Disastrous changes in March

Time for change for William and Kate Middleton strikes March 2023, when their dreams of taking the throne after King Charles will be dashed. Astrologer Jessica Adams prophesies a radical change in the line of succession. King Charles increasingly weak It would be a blow to William e Kate Middleton if the fortune teller’s predictions … Read more

Mourning for William and Kate Middleton. Shameless Harry

William and Kate Middleton they join in the family’s grief for the sudden death of Kuldip Singh Dhillon, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, his father Charles and his brother Harry, with whom they shared a passion for polo. And once again, the Duke of Sussex has managed to embarrass everyone for a … Read more

Kate Middleton ruthless with Harry: “It doesn’t work with everyone”

Self Kate Middletonlike the rest of the Royal Family, has preferred not to comment on the vitriolic tales Harry has made in his book Shoothe still found a way to answer him in kind. Offering Shoot Harry’s book also on sale online Kate Middleton, Harry’s mental health joke Visiting the Open Door mental health charity … Read more

Kate Middleton returns to public after “Spare” and teaches Harry a lesson

Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time after the release of Harry’s autobiography, Shoot, in which it is described in the worst way. The Princess of Wales shows superiority and indifference and shines in Liverpool by re-presenting his tartan coatgreen and blue, by Holland Cooper, which is part of his magnificent collection of … Read more

Kate Middleton, the price she will have to pay for breaking up with Harry and Meghan

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In a few days it will be three years since Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family. The reason for this choice, called Megxit by the media, was amply revealed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the Netflix documentary that bears their name and strongly desired by the couple to (according to them) … Read more

Kate Middleton William and sons, Christmas photos in jeans: the Royal Family wears denim – newsby

Kate Middleton William and sons Christmas photos in jeans the

WILLIAM AND KATE -NEWSBY- William and Kate give their subjects a beautiful image of their family, a way, super glossy and in perfect royal style, to give them Christmas wishes. Since it came out docu-series on Netflix up Harry and Meghan the news arriving from across the Channel on the Windsors have different tones. This … Read more

“Kate Middleton pregnant”: why the fourth pregnancy embarrasses William

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Kate Middleton she is radiant under the Christmas Holidays which she faces for the first time this year from Princess of Wales and the rumors of a fourth pregnancy they make themselves more and more felt. But if she were confirmed, her sweet expectation would embarrass William a lot. Kate Middleton and the fourth pregnancy: … Read more

Kate Middleton pregnant? What sticks out under the dress, the photo – newsby

Kate Middleton pregnant What sticks out under the dress the

Sweet anticipation for the Princess of Wales – Facebook The press suspects new arrivals in the Windsor house. Certain roundness of the Princess of Wales on the occasion of a social event, are leading to believe that she is pregnant. Will she really be like this? Kate Middlenton, born non-noble, and indeed descended by maternal … Read more

Elegance at court: Kate Middleton and Camilla dressed up for the state dinner

Elegance at court Kate Middleton and Camilla dressed up for

There was great anticipation for the state dinner at Buckingham Palace with the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. The occasion marked the first gala event since the passing of Queen Elizabeth and, consequently, the debut of Camilla as Queen Consort and of Kate Middleton as Princess of Wales. At the event, the two royals … Read more

Kate Middleton, the red coat hides a sweet secret: here she is beautiful – newsby

Kate Middleton the red coat hides a sweet secret here

Kate Middleton. Source: Ansa – newsby Kate Middleton has once again won the hearts of her fans by sporting a fabulous red coat on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup held in Wigan. That Kate Middleton rarely gets the wrong outfit is well known. All over the world, not for nothing, her looks are … Read more