Cospito is in the Opera prison in Milan. The case at the CDM – Chronicle

Brazil Bolsonaro investigation requested for attempted coup World

Alfredo Cospito is in the Milan Opera prison. Due to his physical conditions, due to the hunger strike he is carrying out, the anarchist transferred from the Sassari prison will be taken to the intensified assistance service, that is, to the former clinical centre. Yesterday Cospito’s trusted doctor, Angelica Milia, had argued that the detainee … Read more

LIVE – Zaniolo, Milan pulls back definitively. In the next 48 hours Bournemouth will try to convince the player

1674762202 LIVE – Zaniolo Milan pulls back definitively In the

LATEST NEWS AS ROMA – The discourse linked to the possible continues to hold the court in Rome sale of Nicolò Zaniolo before 31 January at 20, when the transfer market will close in Italy. The Milan remains the team that is pushing the hardest to have it after the Tottenham he called himself off … Read more

Stock exchanges, US quarterly spoil the mood, Milan resists and closes flat

Stock exchanges US quarterly spoil the mood Milan resists and

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Sales on technology stocks after the mixed prospects that emerged from the accounts of some big names have slowed down European stock exchanges. In Milan, the Ftse Mib limited the damage (-0.03%) thanks to the increases by Iveco Group and Leonardo. … Read more

LIVE TMW – Lazio, Sarri: “Milan is an opportunity for us. Juve penalty? At school…” –

LIVE TMW Lazio Sarri Milan is an opportunity for

live Eve of the big match in Formello for the Laziowho will face the Olimpico tomorrow Milan, ahead by 4 points. The Biancoceleste coach will present the game at 2.00 pm Maurice Sarri is expected at the press conference. Follow the live text on! 14.01 – The press conference begins. Which Lazio will serve … Read more

EU stock markets cautious after the rally. Spotlight on Tim in Milan

EU stock markets cautious after the rally Spotlight on Tim

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – After a successful start, the European stock exchanges they slow down and prefer caution, especially since Wall Street lighthouse is missing: the American Stock Exchange will remain closed, given that Martin Luther King Day is celebrated in the United States. Technoogics … Read more

Milan in Lecce unstitches the Scudetto from the chest. With no transfer market and no Kessie, Pioli is not to blame

Milan in Lecce unstitches the Scudetto from the chest With

One point earned for how the match had turned out, but two points lost in the run-up to Napoli. And since this is what matters most, Milan’s 2-2 in Lecce has the bitter taste of surrender. No Rossoneri will ever admit it, but for what the rankings and the field say, Calabria and his companions … Read more

Juve, another shame. A slap that scares Milan and Inter too

1673683252 Juve another shame A slap that scares Milan and Inter

That stuff that Napoli did last night, Juventus fans know it well. They have seen it done many times by Conte’s formations and by those of Allegri in the cycle of the nine championships: precisely against Naples, against Rome, against the Milanese. Security and then ferocity to demonstrate superiority and to crumble any comeback ambitions: … Read more

Milan: Pioli’s faults and Maldini’s mistakes, but the owners are fine with it

Milan Piolis faults and Maldinis mistakes but the owners are

There is a climate of great pessimism around Milan, perhaps even deeper than the facts justify. It is true that Pioli’s team came out badly from the Italian Cup, but already on Wednesday they have the opportunity for immediate revenge in the Super Cup: if Milan win the Riyadh derby, no one will remember Adopo … Read more

EU stock exchanges and Wall Street, the race continues with eyes on US inflation. Milan at the top for 11 months

EU stock exchanges and Wall Street the race continues with

Brazil, stock market down slightly, sales on real after assault on Congress The São Paulo Stock Exchange opened its first session slightly down after the assault on Congress and the buildings of power in Brasilia by thousands of supporters of the former President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. The reference index IBovespa is down by … Read more

Milan holds up for a while, then Olympiacos spreads

Milan holds up for a while then Olympiacos spreads

Olimpia pays for the empty pass in the third quarter with only 6 points scored and so the Greeks rampage: 82-66. Messina’s team remains in the penultimate group Matchday number 17 of the Euroleague. Virtus’ feat in Barcelona on Thursday, while tonight Milan is beaten by Piraeus. Olympiacos-Milan 82-66 — The positive streak in Milan … Read more