Big Tech: record profits, but mass layoffs. One million jobs at risk | Milena Gabanelli

Big Tech record profits but mass layoffs One million jobs

How can Big Tech, the most powerful industry in the worldwhile celebrating one of the best two-year periods ever, let them fire 200 thousand people? Bags are bad, right. But looking at the financial statements, revenues continue to be record high. A half closed the 2021 to 117.9 billion compared to 85.9 of the 2020. … Read more

In 12 months 100,000 landings. Errors, hypocrisy, propaganda: that’s who was wrong | Milena Gabanelli

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The revolving doors to Europe Migrant pressure begins to be felt on the Italian coasts in 2011, a year in which the landings will be 64,261 overall against 4,450 in 2010. The bulk of departures are from Libya overwhelmed by the instability of the post-Gaddafi period and from where thousands are attempting the crossing to … Read more

Hospitals, doctors that are missing. That’s why the closed number in Medicine is not the problem | Milena Gabanelli

Hospitals doctors that are missing Thats why the closed number

Whenever there is talk of doctors who are missing, the limited number of Medicine is brought up as the cause of the problem. At a time when staff shortages are the real emergency of the Healthbecause they affect the waiting lists and do not assure us of being assisted quickly and in the best possible … Read more

Billionaires and private jets. Those champions of the environment that pollute the most | Milena Gabanelli

In one hour 2 tons of CO2 In just one hour, a private jet produces an average of 2 tons of CO2or a quarter of the emissions of a European citizen in one year (8.2 tCO2eq). For example, the Cessna Citation Excel (light aircraft 16 meters long with a range of 2,700 km which can … Read more

Pil Italia: il miglior risultato del G7. Ma attenzione a come si distribuiscono gli aiuti | Milena Gabanelli

Pil Italia il miglior risultato del G7 Ma attenzione a

Sar difficile schivare la recessione in arrivo sull’Europa, ma intanto l’Italia ha messo a segno risultati migliori degli altri Paesi del G7. Grazie all’iniezione di fiducia data ai mercati dall’autorevolezza dei 20 mesi di governo Draghi. E grazie alle tante piccole e medie imprese dove gli imprenditori stanno facendo il loro mestiere, che quello di … Read more

Hospitals, doctors are missing: here is who made a mistake and what awaits us | Milena Gabanelli

Hospitals doctors are missing here is who made a mistake

Health is not a bureaucratic issue: each of us, when we have a serious problem, rightly claims to be treated quickly and in the best possible way. For us to be possible Waiting lists must first be shortened who continue to hold hostage anyone who has to take an exam or a visit and cannot … Read more

Few gyms, zero funds. The Farce of Compulsory Physical Education in Elementary School | Milena Gabanelli

Few gyms zero funds The Farce of Compulsory Physical Education

Our children had been waiting for it for 66 years, since the Moro Reform of 1958. In September, gymnastics finally arrived in Italian elementary schools, in the only European nation that did not foresee it in the crucial age for physical training, that between 6 and 11 years old. The European average of 75 hours … Read more