Twenty year old dragged naked under the car for miles. The mother: “she was raped by 5 men”, but the police deny. The mystery of death

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

A horrible death. A 20-year-old girl on her scooter was hit by a car and then dragged along the road for four kilometres, even though some local media write that the distance was 12 km. It would seem a tragic, almost incomprehensible fatality Of Anjali Singha young woman, killed returning from … Read more

When 55 miles per hour in the United States – Il Post

When 55 miles per hour in the United States

Loading player It is difficult to imagine what the long-term consequences of the current one will be international energy crisis, which began due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and influenced by the war in Ukraine. Some similar crises of the past had great lasting influences, in relations between countries but also in some … Read more