Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin: “Everything is proceeding as planned”. In Dnipro 35 dead in building hit by missile, bombs on Zaporizhzhia

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The victims in the building have risen to 35 Dnipro, hit by a Russian missile. In addition to the confirmed dead, there are more than 35 missing. 39 people were saved, 73 injured, about thirty of whom were hospitalised. “We are fighting for every single person! The rescue operation will last as long as there … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missile attacks in the night, one dead in Kharkiv. Moscow: “Ukrainian rockets on two power plants in Donetsk, one victim”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missile attacks in the

Ukrainian artillery missiles hit and damaged the power station of Starobeshevskayain the Donetsk region of Russian-occupied Donbass, resulting in the death of a woman. In the meantime, the Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas under the bombs, many in shelters, and in the evening, at midnight local time, the unilateral truce of 36 hours decided by Russia … Read more

The WSJ scoop: “The US sent modified missile launchers to Kiev to avoid attacks on Russian territory”

The WSJ scoop The US sent modified missile launchers to

The United States secretly modified the artillery system of the missile launchers Himars sent toUkraine so avoid that Kiev could use them to hit targets on the territories of Russia, and thus prevent an escalation of the ongoing conflict. The writes it Wall Street Journalciting US government sources who claim that the «precautionary changes» to … Read more

Kuleba: «Our experts in Poland to cooperate on missile» | The latest war news, live

Kuleba Our experts in Poland to cooperate on missile

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro, Paolo Foschi and Online Redaction The news of Friday 18 November, live. Zelensky: Peace? We need more pressure on Putin. Moscow renews wheat deal for another 4 months • The war in Ukraine reached the 266th day. • The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Polish ambassador, Krzysztof Krajewski, on … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Explosions in Odessa and Kiev, air alerts across the country. Missile on Poland, the case classified as an accident

Ukraine Russia war news today Explosions in Odessa and

There Russia did not attack the Born. Missile crash in Poland belongs to the Ukrainian defence: he was the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenbergto throw water on the fire. “The preliminary results of the investigations say that the crash was caused by a Ukrainian missile of anti-aircraft defense”, he explained clearly adding: “We have … Read more

Usa: Ukrainian missile in Poland, but Russia is responsible – World

Usa Ukrainian missile in Poland but Russia is responsible

“An unfortunate incident”, probably a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that went the wrong way, but certainly “not a deliberate attack against Poland” or NATO. In the aftermath of the most dangerous day since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the fall of a missile on Polish territory that caused the death of two … Read more

Poland, the fallen missile was Ukrainian. Moscow summons the Polish ambassador – World

Poland the fallen missile was Ukrainian Moscow summons the Polish

The Polish ambassador in Moscow has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. This was reported by diplomatic sources cited by Tass. “We are in direct contact with our NATO allies. I emphasize: we do not have precise evidence that would allow us to conclude that it was an attack on Poland“. This was stated … Read more

Ukraine, the direct – Russian flag lowered by the Kherson administration. And moscow tests an intercontinental ballistic missile – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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3 Nov 2022 23:02 Zelensky: “From Aiea proof that there is no dirty bomb” The “obvious” conclusion of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) represents “clear and irrefutable proof” that there have been no preparations for a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine. This was stated today by Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky. “We have given full freedom … Read more

Ukraine, live – UK: “Russian plane dropped a missile near a British craft over the Black Sea”. China invites compatriots to leave the country as soon as possible – Il Fatto Quotidiano

War in Ukraine direct Moscow Ukrainian raid against oil depot

20 Oct 2022 13:42 UK: “Russian plane dropped a missile near a British plane over the Black Sea” A Russian plane dropped a missile near a British plane patrolling international airspace over the Black Sea on 29 September: Defense Minister Ben Wallace told Parliament, explaining that Britain has suspended patrols following the incident and expressed … Read more

North Korea missile flies over Japan. US-Seoul react – Asia

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

South Korea and the United States launched 4 surface-to-ground missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan (Sea of ​​the East) in response to yesterday’s provocation from North Korea. This was announced by the Seoul armed forces, according to reports from Yonhap. The South Korean and US militaries launched two Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles each, … Read more