Hospitals, doctors that are missing. That’s why the closed number in Medicine is not the problem | Milena Gabanelli

Hospitals doctors that are missing Thats why the closed number

Whenever there is talk of doctors who are missing, the limited number of Medicine is brought up as the cause of the problem. At a time when staff shortages are the real emergency of the Healthbecause they affect the waiting lists and do not assure us of being assisted quickly and in the best possible … Read more

Immune defense, with the arrival of the cold better to run for cover | Here is what must never be missing at home

Immune defense with the arrival of the cold better to

The cold has not yet arrived, but it is good to move early to strengthen the immune defenses and thus reduce the possibility of encountering an unpleasant flu or virus. Fortunately, the goal can be solved thanks to some forethought at the table. Autumn and winter are by definition the months in which it is … Read more

Training begins at the table, the 10 foods that cannot be missing in the fitness diet – Lifestyle

Training begins at the table the 10 foods that cannot

A healthy diet. Hippocrates already had the concept clear: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Never as in recent years eating well, being healthy by eating well has become popular and of great importance, not surprisingly there is even a dedicated day, the Eat Healthy Day of November 2, in which … Read more

Hospitals, doctors are missing: here is who made a mistake and what awaits us | Milena Gabanelli

Hospitals doctors are missing here is who made a mistake

Health is not a bureaucratic issue: each of us, when we have a serious problem, rightly claims to be treated quickly and in the best possible way. For us to be possible Waiting lists must first be shortened who continue to hold hostage anyone who has to take an exam or a visit and cannot … Read more

Loveparade, the owner of the McFit gyms Rainer Schaller missing

Do you want to advertise on this site? Rainer Schallerthe German tycoon founder of the McFit gym chain and head of the company that organized it Loveparade of 2010 in which he died there Giulia Minola from Bresciahas been missing since Friday evening after a plane crash. Schaller was traveling with his family on a … Read more

Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Maybe you are missing a Vitamin, a study observed the phenomenon

Do you suffer from chronic migraines Maybe you are missing

Chronic migraine is a condition that is affecting more and more people, especially women. Fortunately, medicine is making progress. Everyone can have gods headache also strongand often they are due to “simple” reasons, which are not thought of. The chronic form, however, can be really disabling. Medicine is always discovering new things, and therefore will … Read more

Try Brixton Cromwell 1200 TEST: the big one that was missing [VIDEO] – Tests –

Try Brixton Cromwell 1200 TEST the big one that was

Brixton immediately convinced us with its small and medium displacements, but now that the going gets tough this 1200 does not hesitate to get noticed October 3, 2022 B.she is beautiful, and this is undeniable. Regardless of personal tastes, the Cromwell 1200 has refined features and refined details; the classic lines seem to have no … Read more

Alessia Piperno, a Roman arrested in Iran: “Please let me out.” She had been missing for 4 days

Hours of anguish for Alessia PipernoRoman, thirty years old, arrested in Iran. Yesterday morning after four days of absolute silence in which she had never heard from her, she phoned the parents who live in the neighborhood Alban Hillson the Appia, crying desperately: «They arrested me, I’m in a prison in Tehran. Please help me … Read more

Carbon dioxide is missing, famous Italian brewery closes the plant – and it is not the only one

1664153498 Carbon dioxide is missing famous Italian brewery closes the plant

A famous Italian brewery closes due to a lack of carbon dioxide. However, the crisis is affecting the whole world. The large industries who use the Co2 they are beginning to suffer from the lack of this element. Fundamental to produce several things, including sparkling water and beer. Canva Incredibly we’re getting to that too. … Read more

Shortage of family doctors, in Friuli there are 114 missing: community houses are underway

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

They were at the forefront during the Covid and they continue to be every day. They are the general practitioners of the region who yesterday met in Grado for the annual congress that covered primary care, gender care and INPS certifications. But the meeting attended by the deputy governor, as well as councilor for health, … Read more