New Soyuz shuttle to bring three astronauts back to Earth, will be the first space rescue mission – Il Fatto Quotidiano

New Soyuz shuttle to bring three astronauts back to Earth

It will be the first space rescue mission. Russia will send a new unmanned Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft on February 20 to bring back to Earth from International Space Station (ISS) Russian astronauts Dimitri Petelin and Sergey Prokopyev and the American Frank Rubio. They said this at a joint press conference organized by NASA NASA’s director … Read more

NASA, goodbye to Voyager: the probes of NASA’s longest-running mission shut down after 45 years

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The probes Voyager they are true pioneers of science, having gone farther in space than any other man-made object. There NASA originally sent the twin probes on a four-year mission to Jupiter and Saturn in 1977; the probes exceeded all expectations and are still in orbit 45 years later, making their mission NASA’s longest-running. … Read more

Front Mission 1st: Remake: the review of a remake with many mechs but little courage

Front Mission 1st Remake the review of a remake with

The review of Front Mission 1st: Remake tells us about the return of a classic series, modernized with many mechs, but with very little courage. Before we dive into the review of Front Mission 1st: Remake for Nintendo Switchlet’s spend a few words on the Japanese enthusiasts who, in 1995, were lucky enough to buy … Read more

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission ended successfully: the Orion capsule returned to Earth

NASAs Artemis 1 mission ended successfully the Orion capsule returned

The spacecraft Orion of the NASA, match the November 16th from Cape Canaveral, he returned to planet Earth thus concluding his journey. The final stage of Artemis 1 was perhaps the most critical and delicate of the entire mission: the re-entry maneuver it had never been tested for a spacecraft of this type and many … Read more

Artemis I, mission accomplished: the Orion capsule has returned to earth after 25 days of travel around the Moon

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Successfully completed the first phase of NASA’s Artemis mission which aims to bring man back to the moon Mission accomplished. Or at least, “first” mission accomplished. Artemis Ithe initial step of a wider operation of the NASA which has the goal of return man to the moon, it went well. There Orion capsuleafter 25.5 days … Read more

Belarus: Lavrov cancels mission to Minsk after Makei’s death

Belarus Lavrov cancels mission to Minsk after Makeis death

ServiceEurope Mystery on the sudden death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Makei, who was scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart Lavrov on Monday 28 November. For Ukraine there would be the shadow of Moscow: “he may have been poisoned. He was among the few who were not under Russian influence”. Meanwhile, Zelensky says Moscow wants … Read more

The latest news from the Artemis I mission: new high-definition images and videos

The latest news from the Artemis I mission new high definition

After launch of 16 November 2022the Artemis I mission is proceeding as expected, with the Orion capsule that performed in the past few hours the flyby of the moon to take advantage of the satellite’s gravitational pull and thus enter a retrograde orbit that will take it up to about 65,000 km away, further than … Read more

The director of the CIA on a secret mission to Kiev: the contacts are used to set the lines

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

William Burns from the beginning at the center of the crisis. First he alerted the West to the invasion, then went to Moscow to warn the Kremlin, and finally informed and supported the resistance. Now back in the Ukrainian capital The director of the CIA William Burns was the man of the crisis from the … Read more

Mission accomplished, the planetary defense test was a success

Mission accomplished the planetary defense test was a success

Two weeks after the impact the Dart (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission of NASA can be said to have been completed, which in the night between 26 and 27 September last launched, destroying itself, towards the small asteroid Dimorphos, deviating its trajectory. ” Dart altered the orbit of the asteroid Dimorphos e the confirmation came … Read more

Artemis I, still delays for the launch of the NASA mission to the Moon

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Scheduled for 20.37 in Italy, the second attempt after the one postponed last Monday will be delayed by up to two hours due to a fuel leak Around 12 noon Italian time the final go-ahead to load the propellant for the rocket had arrived from the launch director Space Launch System (Sls) of the unmanned … Read more