Milan: Pioli’s faults and Maldini’s mistakes, but the owners are fine with it

Milan Piolis faults and Maldinis mistakes but the owners are

There is a climate of great pessimism around Milan, perhaps even deeper than the facts justify. It is true that Pioli’s team came out badly from the Italian Cup, but already on Wednesday they have the opportunity for immediate revenge in the Super Cup: if Milan win the Riyadh derby, no one will remember Adopo … Read more

5 Advantages of the Dishwasher, but watch out for these very common mistakes that ruin everything

5 Advantages of the Dishwasher but watch out for these

The advantages of the dishwasher compared to washing by hand are certainly many, but we must be careful of mistakes. Like all appliances, the dishwasher has improved life and chores in the kitchen. However, there are some inadvisable practiceswhich can lead to damage. InformationToday Luckily we live in aera in which we can make extensive … Read more

Proteins and the gym: when to take them and the mistakes not to be made

Proteins and the gym when to take them and the

Nutritionist biologist Riccardo Roveda explains how to manage the delicate relationship between these macronutrients and working out in the gym Francesco Palma November 25th The protein they are an integral part of the diet of every human being, but in particular the relationship that binds them to those who train in the gym seems almost … Read more

Torino-Milan 2-1, the report cards: Vlasic is a driving force. Leao, mistakes that direct the game –

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

TURIN 2-1 AC MILAN – 35 ‘Djidji, 37’ Miranchuk, 67 ‘Messias TURIN (report cards by Dennis Magrì)Milinkovic-Savic 6.5 – He has the merit, with his long pass, of triggering the action that leads to 2-0. For the rest, he is not called to great interventions, not exactly brilliant output in the action of 1-2.Djidji 7 … Read more

Breakfast, 3 mistakes not to be underestimated, read carefully! Nutritionists say so

Breakfast 3 mistakes not to be underestimated read carefully Nutritionists

As soon as you wake up it is important to set your body in motion, filling up with energy to face the day with vitality. However, the fuel must be the right one and therefore rich in the necessary nutrients. Smart breakfast (Photo by congerdesign from Pixabay) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: There Breakfast, you … Read more

Contracts, mistakes teach nothing: well for Milan with Pioli, bad for Inter with Inzaghi

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

We are starting to talk about the renewal of Stefano Pioli’s contract, which expires at the end of this season, June 2023. He is happy and proud to remain on the Rossoneri bench, so the renewal to 2024 will end up being a formality, offering the coach (today at 145 appearances) the possibility of reaching … Read more

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the dress code and the mistakes in the looks: Kate with the pearls loved by the sovereign, Meghan does not wear a veil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Kate flawless as always, with the pearls much loved by Elizabeth. Meghan inevitably in the spotlight, with a cape dress and hat. They have not gone unnoticed the looks sported by the guests at the solemn state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, especially those of the royal family. Obviously the dress code, mandatory for all 2 … Read more

Those mistakes of the Kremlin who believed they were easy to win

Those mistakes of the Kremlin who believed they were

from Lorenzo Cremonesi The Russian army is proving to be unprepared, poorly armed, rigid and obsolete in its strategies. Ever since the failure of the leatherhead raid in Kiev in February, which was supposed to eliminate Zelensky Un unprepared armybadly armed, rigid and obsolete in strategies, deluded by the propaganda imposed with terror and censorship … Read more