Ukraine: missiles on Kiev and Lviv. Zaporizhzhia Power Plant in Full Blackout Mode – World

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

A Massive Russian missile attack has been launched towards Kiev and the entire regionAnd. The alarm was given by the head of the regional state administration of Kiev Oleksiy Kuleba who begged citizens to go down to the shelters, as reported by UNIAN: “Do not ignore the air warning signal. There is a threat of … Read more

Completed repairs for NASA SLS and Artemis I, the CAPSTONE probe is in ” safe mode ”

Completed repairs for NASA SLS and Artemis I the CAPSTONE

At the launch pad of the Artemis I mission the engineers and technicians have completed the replacement of the seals which may have been the cause of the leak of liquid hydrogen which blocked the launch attempt of NASA SLS on September 3. As we know this caused the launch to be postponed to not … Read more

FIFA 23, the Career mode puts you in the shoes of Conte and Guardiola

FIFA 23 the Career mode puts you in the shoes

How does the mode most loved by long-time players, the dear, old Career, change with the arrival of FIFA 23? Here is a taste of the news. Career mode is still the beating heart of the experience FIFA 23 for gamers of a certain age, and this EA Sports knows it well. FUT finances the … Read more