It spreads fast: because this strange mold is haunting scientists

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

48 In 1958 he caused a furore at the cinema Blob, a horror / science fiction film that revolved around the danger of a gelatinous slime coming from space, able to understand, want and conquer the globe. Here, even if the comparison is a bit risky, we could think of the mold Physarum Polycephalum just … Read more

To quickly clean mold from walls and tile joints, these natural and inexpensive remedies are enough to eliminate stains

Mold is a fungus that expands quickly due to its spores. It prefers warm, humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens for its growth. However, mold can be found in different areas of the houses, in fact we often find it also on the walls of bedrooms, behind and inside the wardrobes and again on … Read more

Cereals withdrawn from supermarkets due to aflatoxins: the food alert for mold risk is triggered

Cereals withdrawn from supermarkets due to aflatoxins the food alert

The Ministry of Health has recalled cereals from supermarkets for the possible presence of aflatoxins: what are the risks By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 31-05-2022 09:51 26 Risk of presence of aflatoxins. Crownfield’s cereals, organic cornflakes, have been recalled for the presence of toxic chemicals. The recall was ordered by the Ministry of Health last … Read more

Invasive aspergillosis: if you have these respiratory symptoms it could be the fault of mold that has become resistant to fungicides

Invasive aspergillosis if you have these respiratory symptoms it could

© drmicrobe / Aspergillosis is a disease that affects the respiratory system and is caused by a common type of mold, Aspergillus fumigatus, spread all over the world. Most people breathe in mold spores every day without contracting the disease. However, people with weak immune systems or with previous medical conditions have a higher … Read more