Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a “new treatment”: “I was given 3 years to live”

1675319963 Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a new

A mom who was given just three years to live after a heartbreaking diagnosis is now free from breast cancer, thanks to a “miraculous” treatment. Judy Perkins’ cancer journey first began in 2003 when she was informed that she had stage zero breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatments were successful, … Read more

Cristina Comencini: «Dad with the actresses? He loved mom too much. My son Carlo Calenda was never still when he was little»

Cristina Comencini Dad with the actresses He loved mom too

Of Aldo Cazzullo The director: «I was in Lotta continua, I kept the children with my companions and my son Carlo Calenda played with them». «Mom died before she was ninety: she did not want to celebrate,“ let me go to dad ”. We cut the cake at the funeral.” Cristina ComenciniWhat is your earliest … Read more

Silvia Toffanin mom three of a kind? Here comes the “confession” to Verissimo – newsby

Silvia Toffanin mom three of a kind Here comes the

Silvia Toffanin in Verissimo (web photo) Silvia Toffanin let herself go to a confession during an episode of very true: here’s what the presenter revealed. Will she be a mother for the third time? Toffanin definitely is one of the most loved and appreciated conductors of the Italian small screen. Since the year 2006, he … Read more

Sophie Codegoni pregnant by Alessandro Basciano, the ultrasound video: “Mom and dad are waiting for you”

Sophie Codegoni pregnant by Alessandro Basciano the ultrasound video Mom

Sophie Codegoni is pregnant. The ex gieffina and her boyfriend Alessandro Basciano will soon become her parents. The announcement via Instagram with the tender video of one of the first ultrasounds: “Your mom and dad are waiting for you, you are the greatest joy and emotion that could happen to us”. Sophie Codegoni And Alexander … Read more

Cristiana Capotondi sweet mom, the first photos with Anna

Cristiana Capotondi sweet mom the first photos with Anna

October 20, 2022 1:07 pm The paparazzi actress while breastfeeding the baby girl born on September 16 Cristiana Capotondi was paparazzed by the weekly “Diva e Donna” for a walk in Milan with her little Anna. She is wearing a striped shirt, blue blazer and white pants, while the little girl has a pink onesie … Read more

Cristiana Capotondi, trendy mom: the first photos after Anna’s birth

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Cristiana Capotondi participated in the second edition of the Accademia della Stella, a Negroni event, which talks about new talents and videomaking. At the event she was a real “star” alongside Daniela Collu, presenter, and the rest of the jury, with Francesco Castelnuovo and Claudio Di Biagio. For her, the actress, who recently revealed that … Read more

Luciana Littizzetto: “Vanessa and Jordan don’t call me” mom “, it’s a wound but I got over it”

Luciana Littizzetto has opened the dam within which she had sheltered her private life. On Monday she will arrive in Lucignana (Lucca), in the Sopra la Penna bookshop, to tell the festival “Little Lucy” her experience as a “mother of heart”. It is she who defines herself in this way in the preface of her … Read more

Eva Henger, comes out of the pool as mom did it: “Are you crazy?”

Eva Henger comes out of the pool as mom did

Eva Henger has become more and more unique in recent years, thus being able to demonstrate to all intents and purposes that she takes unique and magical shots. There have been a crazy series of changes in the last few years within Italian television and entertainment, with Eva Henger who certainly knows it very well, … Read more