Lancia Thema GTS, is Stellantis serious? The unexpected return that excites Italians –

Lancia Thema GTS is Stellantis serious The unexpected return that

Just a rumor, or is Stellantis serious? there may be a fourth car in Lancia’s future, the Thema GTS. An unexpected return. The Lancia Thema, the flagship par excellence of the Turin house, now controlled by Stellantis. A story that starts in 1984, when it was presented for the first time at the Motor Show … Read more

Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in the water: the images are incredible –

Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in

Would you have ever thought that such a high priced Red could end up floating in the sea like any lifeboat or not? The creation is incredible but obviously not for everyone: here is the most absurd Ferrari. Driving a supercar is the dream of many of us motorists but that’s not enough: those who … Read more

Fiat 500, una così non l’avete mai vista: un prototipo in stile Ferrari –

Fiat 500 una cosi non lavete mai vista un prototipo

La Fiat 500 è una delle auto più iconiche della storia, il cui aspetto è noto a tutti, giusto? Eppure una come questa non l’avete vista mai. La casa automibilistia italiana è legata a doppio filo al modello Fiat 500. Quando si legge una frase del genere si pensa, giustamente, al successo fatto dal modello … Read more

Expensive petrol, no problem: here are the cars that consume the least –

Expensive petrol no problem here are the cars that consume

Since the beginning of January, the prices of petrol and diesel have soared again. Some cars, however, allow you to consume much less fuel than the average. Let’s find out which are the most convenient models from this point of view. Since January 1, the problem related to the fuel cost he returned to harass … Read more

The old Alfa Romeo that costs more than a Ferrari: an iconic model –

1673566132 The old Alfa Romeo that costs more than a Ferrari

Cars like her are now very rare on the market and the result is that they cost a real fortune: here’s how it is possible that an Alfa Romeo with a certain age on the rump costs even more than a Ferrari that has just come out. When you come across cars as rare as … Read more