Stellantis, stop deliveries of new cars: the reason is tragicomic –

Stellantis stop deliveries of new cars the reason is tragicomic

Hundreds of cars bearing the Peugeot brand and the other Stellantis Group brands remain where they are in the factories instead of going to their new owners. But why and what is happening to the cars? We reiterate it once again: this is not the right time to buy a new car! After all, each … Read more

The least reliable car ever is Italian: the analysis that infuriates Fiat | You may have it in the garage –

The least reliable car ever is Italian the analysis that

One of the things you mainly look at in a car is certainly reliability. Well, this one in particular has been criticized. Motor racing, a sector born in 1900 and still very active today. World wars, post-war recovery, digitization and who knows how many other events will happen in the course of human history. The … Read more

Ferrari, what a blow: the unexpected confession alarms the fans of the Red –

Ferrari what a blow the unexpected confession alarms the fans

Ferrari, what a blow: the confession alarms the fans of the Reds. 2022 will remain the year of great regrets in Maranello With Binotto’s farewell, new scenarios are opening up for 2023, with a team principal yet to be chosen and a new sports management to be recreated from scratch. However, the technical project is … Read more

Abandoned in a barn for 50 years, this Ferrari is worth millions but was in terrible shape –

Abandoned in a barn for 50 years this Ferrari is

This is not the case with a motorsport legend: this very rare and very expensive Ferrari had a very unhappy fate. Just think that for almost half a century they left it to gather dust and rust on its own. It is time to set up an international fund for research and the discovery of … Read more

Fiat, nostalgia operation: a historical model of the Italian brand is back | enthusiastic enthusiasts –

Fiat nostalgia operation a historical model of the Italian brand

Fiat continues with the return to its origins and with the revival of cars that were lucky in the past. The latest provocation concerns a model that was all the rage at least 30-35 years ago in Italy. For some years now the brand Fiati.e. the number one car manufacturer in Italy, has chosen to … Read more

If you have one of these cars, sell it immediately: the engine leaves you at 50 thousand km –

If you have one of these cars sell it immediately

An important alarm arrives from France. It seems that the Renault-registered car model has a major internal problem that risks creating as many problems for those who drive it with a certain constancy. The brand Renault it is certainly one of the most appreciated and purchased in Europe as regards cars, both those for city … Read more

Lamborghini, incredible offer for Black Friday: 50% discount on this model –

Lamborghini incredible offer for Black Friday 50 discount on this

The amazing Lamborghini Huracan is sold for Black Friday at a crazy price: even 50% less than the list price. Together with Ferrari, Lamborghini has represented the excellence of Italian mechanics and automotive engineering for decades. The historic Emilian brand was born in the 1960s from the idea of ​​Ferruccio Lamborghini, an entrepreneur who had … Read more

A myth from the past is back, this is how the new Renault 4 will be: the b-suv of the French house –

A myth from the past is back this is how

Renault has always surprised by the originality of its design and the Paris Motor Show shows that the French company has not lost its touch. The future of the automaker winks at the past and brings back to life the most iconic model in its history. Over the past 20 years, Renault it has somewhat … Read more

Backfire, a historic brand returns to produce an “eccentric” vehicle | Amazed motorcyclists –

Backfire a historic brand returns to produce an eccentric vehicle

Great return on the market for a historic motorcycle brand. A real treat for lovers of two wheels, among other things with a totally electric twist. The world of motorcycles by road it is traveling towards a turning point. That dictated by the need to be least polluting possible and towards an energy saving that … Read more

If you drive irresponsibly and get a fine, you also lose your job in these cases –

If you drive irresponsibly and get a fine you also

No one likes inattentive drivers or drivers who continually break the Highway Code, not even employers. Especially if this is the car you drive: be careful, too many fines lead to immediate dismissal. You have signed the contract, your new desk is ready, colleagues they smile at you ready to spend hours and hours with … Read more