Bonus 200 euros, sometimes they come back: who will receive it also in the coming months –

Bonus 200 euros sometimes they come back who will receive

Bonus 200 euros for September-October, the support has been extended and in some cases it will be possible to receive double it. The Aid Decree bis confirmed the extension of the 200 euro bonus in September-October for some categories of persons initially excluded from the measureas precarious school workers, sports collaborators, PhD students. Many citizens … Read more

Ambra against Allegri at X factor: “I did 12 months of psychotherapy”

Ambra against Allegri at X factor I did 12 months

Ambra Angiolini stings Massimiliano Allegri from the pulpit of X Factor. During the third installment of the Sky program auditions, the presenter took the stage and, turning to a competitor, said: “If I hadn’t done twelve months of psychotherapy, given my last ex, you would surely be next”. An obvious reference to the Juventus manager, … Read more

It loses all body hair in just six months. The shocking story: “I woke up covered in hair, the doctors didn’t understand why”

It loses all body hair in just six months The

Loses all hairs of the body in just six months. Tom Hall, a 30-year-old American who lives in Londonwas struck byAlopecia Universalis, the most severe form of alopecia, which involves complete or almost complete loss of hair on the scalp, face and rest of the body. Aksel … Read more

Ambra Angiolini enjoys “X Factor”. Silvia Slitti returns to the controversy: “Months of silence”

Ambra Angiolini enjoys X Factor Silvia Slitti returns to the

When a controversy begins, it is not easy for it to deflate immediately. In recent days, a piece of news has caused a particular “sensation”: Ambra Angioliniwhich is currently shining in the judges’ bench of X Factorwould be illegally occupying the home of the event and wedding planner Silvia Slitti. After the reply of the … Read more

ECB: ready to raise rates in the coming months – Economy

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

The ECB, after the three-quarter point squeeze at the beginning of September, “expects to further increase interest rates in upcoming meetings to curb demand and protect against the risk of a persistent increase in inflation expectations”, which “it is likely to remain above target for an extended period of time.” It can be read in … Read more

Ambra Angiolini and Silvia Slitti’s accusation: “I rented her house for 10 months, the contract has expired but she doesn’t want to leave”

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Two well-known women in Milan and beyond – one is an event organizer and wedding planner, as well as the wife of a former footballer who played in both Inter and Milan, and the other a TV presenter, actress and singer – a house disputed between owner and tenant and social networks to act as … Read more

Frozen food alarm: what is likely to happen in the coming months

Frozen food alarm what is likely to happen in the

Pizzas, vegetables, meat, fish: all crazy for “ready” foods, according to the recent annual report on the consumption of frozen products by Iias (Italian Institute of Frozen Foods). The sector recorded unprecedented numbers, with an increase of over + 5% on 2020, for a total consumption that exceeds 940 thousand tons. In Italy, the new … Read more

Something has changed between Putin and Xi: in seven months the prices in Moscow have been devalued

The Samarkand Summit will not go down in history for a divorce between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. At least as long as it comes to a united front against the West, the alliance between China and Russia holds. In their reports for the balance changes and the tension signals increase. In the official reports … Read more

Mps, the Palio di Siena begins: two months to save the oldest bank in the world, between super-increase and mega-exit of employees

Mps the Palio di Siena begins two months to save

Three years later, the company meetings are back in attendance. Monte dei Paschi di Siena, next Thursday 15 September, will bring back to normal, after the parenthesis determined by Covid, an aspect of absolute formal importance in corporate life. Luigi Lovaglio, CEO of Monte dei Paschi di Siena since 7 February 2022 Monte returns to … Read more

Signorini: “Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant but for a few months, I shouldn’t have published the news”

Signorini Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant but for a few months

In an interview with Corriere, he confirms that Eros Ramazzotti’s daughter is pregnant, aware that the news about Who must have infuriated her. She admits about her private life: “It’s over with Paolo Galimberti, I’m single, but also very much in love”. Alfonso Signorini confirms that Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant, but not for more than … Read more