Ukraine, Moscow denies bombing of apartment block in Dnipro – Europe

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Russia has denied bombing the apartment building in Dnipro, in Ukraine. Moscow’s armed forces “do not target residential buildings,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, and quoted Alexei Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, as saying the missile that hit Dnipro on Saturday was not intentionally fired at a building residential. “You have all seen … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missile attacks in the night, one dead in Kharkiv. Moscow: “Ukrainian rockets on two power plants in Donetsk, one victim”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missile attacks in the

Ukrainian artillery missiles hit and damaged the power station of Starobeshevskayain the Donetsk region of Russian-occupied Donbass, resulting in the death of a woman. In the meantime, the Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas under the bombs, many in shelters, and in the evening, at midnight local time, the unilateral truce of 36 hours decided by Russia … Read more

Tajani: «No opening from Moscow Dialogues underway with Paris on the air shield to Ukraine»

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Of Marco Galluzzo The Foreign Minister: talks ok with the US. New weapons? First to the Chambers Minister Antonio Tajani the news arriving from Kiev still does not authorize any optimism. We are destined to witness such a long war? «Unfortunately it is so, there is no good news coming, too Putin’s truce was made … Read more

War Ukraine, the news live. Moscow: we observe the truce despite the attacks from Kiev. The 007 Ukrainians: Putin will mobilize another 500,000 Russians

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Featured Updates Moscow: we observe the truce despite the attacks from Kiev 007 Kiev: Moscow is preparing to mobilize another 500,000 conscripts 2023-01-07 20:25:06 Zelensky: false truce, peace only when they are expelled “The world was once again able to see today how false words of any level coming from … Read more

The truce announced by Putin does not hold up, exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev | Ukraine Russia, latest war news |

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Of Marta Serafini, sent to Kiev, and Redazione Online The war news of Saturday 7 January, live • The war in Ukraine reached the 318th day• The Christmas truce does not hold up and the two sides accuse each other of not respecting the ceasefire• Wagner’s Russian mercenaries continue bloody assault on Bakhmut not only … Read more

Ukraine, Russian raids after the truce. But Moscow blames Kiev – World

Ukraine Russian raids after the truce But Moscow blames Kiev

At noon Moscow time (10 am in Italy) the Christmas ceasefire in military operations in Ukraine announced by Russia officially entered into force, which will last until midnight (10 pm Italian) tomorrow. Moscow’s proposal for a 36-hour truce in Ukraine for Orthodox Christmas is “cynical” and is just Putin’s attempt to “gain a shot in … Read more

War Russia Ukraine, Moscow: the Makiivka massacre favored by the (forbidden) use of cell phones, the responsible officials will be punished

War Russia Ukraine Moscow the Makiivka massacre favored by the

Putin orders patriotic documentaries in cinemas. They will be dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine and the fight against the “neo-Nazi” ideology of Kiev. This was reported by the Moscow Times, explaining that the Ministry of Culture has until February 1st to implement the order. The Ministry of Defense has been ordered to assist Russian … Read more

War management: the trident of Kiev and the contrasts of Moscow

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The military point 319 | Preparation, search for targets, execution. the trident used by Kiev. In Moscow, on the other hand, they are arguing over the latest setbacks and Putin orders reparations to the relatives of the fallen Preparation, search for targets, execution. the trident used by Kiev to manage this phase of the conflict … Read more

Russia-Ukraine War, Kiev: “Over 1,100 civilian bodies discovered in 4 liberated regions”. Moscow: “Zelensky’s peace plan is an illusion”

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On the threshold of 2023, Russia clearly demonstrates that it has no intention of giving Ukraine a break. And it launches a new rain of bombs in what the Defense Ministry of Kiev has called “one of the most massive missile attacks on Moscow since the beginning of the war”. In the early hours of … Read more

Ukraine-Russia, news from the war today. Kiev: Russian command has left Kreminna in Lugansk. Moscow: no peace plan without annexed regions

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Kiev Russian command has

The relationship between Kiev and the government of Giorgia Meloni. After a phone call with the premier, Volodymyr Zelensky seek Italy’s side on anti-aircraft systems vital to defending Ukraine from Russian attacks. Meanwhile the Moscow’s reaction to the price cap: from February 1, Russia will stop supplies to countries that apply it, Putin signed the … Read more