US fears about Putin’s moves: the nuclear threat is growing stronger behind the referendums

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Giuseppe Sarcina The Biden administration is watching Moscow’s moves with apprehension: if the Donbass territories were annexed, any Ukrainian attack could fall within Russia’s “defense doctrine” which also includes the use of atomic weapons. And the State Department alert is leveling up FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTWASHINGTON – The administration Biden follows with apprehension the moves … Read more

Waiting for the ECB’s moves, Piazza Affari opens cautiously – Economy

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Departure with the handbrake on for the European stock exchanges, awaiting the decisions of the ECB on rates and the press conference of its president Christine Lagarde. After a positive start, Piazza Affari sways just above par, with London, Paris and Frankfurt moving up between 0.3% and 0.4%. Lower tension on European government bonds: all … Read more

He falls in love with a Canadian girl on a dating app: she moves to Europe, he kills her with a knife

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

L’homocide from Ashley Wadsworth19 year old stabbed to death in the chest last February in Great Britain, has its culprit. This is Jack Sepple, the girl’s boyfriend, met on a dating app a few months before her. The first and only suspect admitted his guilt after more than six months. “It … Read more

He leaves his wife for a Ukrainian refugee and moves into the family villa with his lover

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Former head of a British loan company abandons his wife for one Ukrainian refugee. It is said that the investor and entrepreneur of the dot-com Haakon Overli, 52, began a love affair with the Eastern European woman after taking her to his family home in Surrey after the Russian invasion. But … Read more

Raspadori-Napoli, there is an agreement: now De Laurentiis moves with Sassuolo

Raspadori Napoli there is an agreement now De Laurentiis moves with

CASTEL DI SANGRO – Giacomo Raspadori wants Napoli exactly like Napoli wants him: Sassuolo is perfectly aware of this. And also officially informed: a few days ago Tullio Tinti, Jack’s manager, explained to the CEO Carnevali that the player would like take a chance which would allow him to play the first Champions League of … Read more

Mourinho moves, the strategy to bring Dybala to Rome

Mourinho moves the strategy to bring Dybala to Rome

One effort over budgetthe bang of the difference: José Mourinho insists, he wants Paulo Dybala. He is the only player who has asked Roma with a decision, convinced that he can guarantee the team the leap in quality towards the top ranking. It will not be easy to convince the Friedkins and perhaps not even … Read more

Goodbye to petrol and diesel, the “war” against the European Union starts: Italy’s moves to overturn everything

Goodbye to petrol and diesel the war against the European

The world of automobiles is about to be overwhelmed by a wave of revolution never seen before. But all is not yet said, what is really happening in these hours. What is happening across Europe with regard to the future of the automobile is in some ways revolutionary. We refer to the stop of the … Read more

Friedkin, three moves in Rome: takeover bid, capital increase and stadium

Friedkin three moves in Rome takeover bid capital increase and

Watch the video Pinto, few inventions: now we need a Roma da Mou Rome, via all’Opa The first is exit from the Stock Exchangewhich officially begins today with the start of the takeover bid for the roundup of floating shares. The property has already made an appeal to the small shareholders, asking them to renounce … Read more

Fabian Ruiz, goodbye to Napoli? Giuntoli’s possible moves to replace the Spaniard

Fabian Ruiz goodbye to Napoli Giuntolis possible moves to replace

With mathematics conquest of the qualification in Champions League and the possible conquest of the third place already next Sunday by beating the Genoathe thoughts of the fans of the Naples they begin to be more and more aimed at transfer market. In fact, the summer could bring many changes to next season’s blue squad, … Read more

The Friedkin moves for the turning point in Rome and the Conference League dream

The Friedkin moves for the turning point in Rome and

ROME – The giant has woken up. In the first statement after the “closing”, in August 2020, Vice President Ryan Friedkin he had called him “asleep,” referring to the unexpressed potential of the Rome and the feeling of fatigue that snaked through the yellow and red environment. Now that the passion seems more alive and … Read more