Gollini to KK: “I was close already in the summer, but Napoli were evaluating Navas! I’ll tell you about the celebration with Osimhen. Scudetto? One thing is always said in the locker room…”

Gollini to KK I was close already in the summer

Pierluigi Gollini, the new Napoli goalkeeper, presents himself today at the end of the market with an interview given to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli Pierluigi Gollinithe new Napoli goalkeeper, appears today at the end of the market with an interview given to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli: “Few people know … Read more

Napoli will beat Juve and close the championship. The reason? Spalletti builds unlike Allegri

Napoli will beat Juve and close the championship The reason

Everyone has their ideal football. Spalletti and Allegri are poles apart. Like their opinions on the eve of Napoli-Juventus, crucial challenge for the championship, two rounds from the end of the first round, which has already elected its leader: Naples winter champions with a seven-point lead over Juve and Milan and ten over Inter. To … Read more

Encrypted messages, front names: the blood pact of the Napoli ultras in Europe to hunt down the Romanists

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Of Fabio Postiglione For Neapolitan fans, between ties with the Camorra and revenge for Ciro Esposito, the one against the Roma ultras has become a mission: since 2014, if you beat up a Roman, no one is left alone. Agreements with the curves of half of Europe. Pain. Anger. Five months later the death of … Read more

Pioli, comeback operation: this is how Milan studies the run-up to Napoli in 5 rounds

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

The Rossoneri coach wants to recover from Spalletti’s team just like he did a year ago with Inter Stefano Pioli has already done it: anyone who thinks it’s a detail is wrong. Because to win a Scudetto you need a steady pace, of course, but experience and obsessions also play their part. Milan’s obsession for … Read more

New sponsor on the Napoli shirt: there is the club’s official press release

New sponsor on the Napoli shirt there is the clubs

The list of sponsors is expanding Naples: the company formalized the partnership with Duname Inca South Korean fintech company that owns the Upbit brand. Upbit will thus be the new one Back-of-Shirt Partner of the Clubor the sponsor that will appear behind the players’ shirt. Naples (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images) Upbit new Back-of-Shirt Partner … Read more

Lukaku: “Napoli? Respect, not fear. Ibra is doing a lot for… that team there”

Romelu’s words to Sky: from his fan son to the relationship with Dimarco and Dzeko, from future plans to the difficulties of returning: “The flexor tendon was broken…”. Closing on the relationship with Zlatan without mentioning Milan From the injury (“the flexor tendon was broken”), to the love for Inter (“my son plays in the … Read more

How much is a scudetto worth for SSC Napoli: certain and potential figures | FOCUS

How much is a scudetto worth for SSC Napoli certain

certain and potential figures | FOCUS”/> How can the budget of SSC Napoli change with a Scudetto victory Naples football – Among the many currents of thought carried forward by some enlightened minds of ours Naples there was the one according to which Aurelio De Laurentiis wasn’t interested in winning a championship because then he … Read more

Inter, legs to Sassuolo and head to Napoli: the three doubts that Inzaghi must resolve in the last friendly

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

In a week Inter will know more about themselves and their future. In fact, on Wednesday 4 January the Nerazzurri will return to the pitch in Serie A and they will do so in a match (already sold out) in which they will no longer be able to afford mistakes. The challenge with Napoli is … Read more

Napoli, 3-2 at Antalyaspor: Raspadori shines, Spalletti with four strikers and many new features

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

The Azzurri win in Turkey with two goals from Jack and goals from Politano. The coach also launches Daniel Hysaj, cousin of the former Elseid The common thread of Naples is not interrupted. Keep winning even in friendly. Certainly Antalyaspor – mid-table team in the Turkish league – were not impossible opponents. But the Turks … Read more