NASA had lost communication with Artemis I’s Orion capsule

NASA had lost communication with Artemis Is Orion capsule

We recently wrote of updates of the Artemis I mission which brought the Orion capsule in orbit around the moon and that he will bring it back to Earth by mid-December (the splashdown is scheduled for December 11 near the Californian coast). This is the first test of this kind of technology and since the … Read more

NASA confirms: “unexpected” discovery near the Bermuda Triangle

NASA confirms unexpected discovery near the Bermuda Triangle

Discovery sensational at the bottom of the ocean. Was confirmed the discovery of one of the largest pieces of NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger. The wreck was found by a team that was shooting a documentary looking for a downed plane during the World War II. The object, left where it was found by the crew … Read more

La Nasa testa uno «scudo gonfiabile» per sbarcare sui pianeti (e tornare sulla Terra) in sicurezza

Ha un diametro di sei metri ed è formato da un tessuto esterno con fili ceramici intrecciati e due strati di tessuto isolante che trattengono il calore La Nasa compie una missione che potrebbe cambiare molte cose sia nell’esplorazione dei pianeti che nelle attività di rientro sulla Terra. Un razzo Atlas V porterà con sé … Read more

Artemis I NASA SLS space rocket returns to launch position, look at Artemis IV

Artemis I NASA SLS space rocket returns to launch position

In the first half of October had been announced that the big rocket NASA SLS of the Artemis I mission will be launched on November 14, 2022 taking advantage of a 69-minute window that will open at 6:07 (Italian time). In recent weeks, the space agency and its partners have worked to allow the repairs … Read more

The hypotheses of scientists on the photo of NASA with the sun smiling

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

AGI – Who, as a child, imagined and designed a laughing sun, is scientifically proven, has been right. The Washington Post writes in breaking the news that last week NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of our solar system that looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters”the “Teletubbies” sun with a baby … Read more

Killer asteroid discovered, it was hidden from sunlight. NASA: “It could have impact against the Earth”

Killer asteroid discovered it was hidden from sunlight NASA It

Asteroids – For a long time, the glow of the Sun hid a trio of space rocks that could pose a problem to the planet. Of the three asteroids recently discovered by astronomers, two are so massive that they have been described as “planet killers” – and one has the potential to traverse the orbit … Read more

The Moon born from the impact of a planet the size of Mars with the Earth: the new theory of NASA

The high-definition work of two universities has revealed new data on our satellite Magazine The Astrophysical Journal Letters has published new data on the birth of the Moon. It is a collaboration between Durham University, in England and the Ames Research Center of NASA, in the United States. The two universities conducted together a very … Read more

The scientist lawyer who talks to NASA: “Reactor designed in Bolzano Bellunese”

The scientist lawyer who talks to NASA Reactor designed in

BELLUNO – Until 2016 he dealt with civil law and criminal law, in the Court of Belluno. So the passion for science has completely taken over. Now the lawyer Fabrizio Righes he is recognized as an expert in condensed matter physics internationally. THE LAB In 2015 his first participation in a national conference. Until the … Read more

A new image of Europa taken in the close passage of the NASA Juno spacecraft

A new image of Europa taken in the close passage

They may not be spectacular from the point of view of “aesthetic beauty” like the images released by the James Webb space telescopebut the new image released by the NASA Juno space probein orbit around Jupiter and which recently flew over the moon Europe, however, it is worth seeing. This is a unique result of … Read more

NASA DART: Hubble Impact and James Webb Space Telescope images

NASA DART Hubble Impact and James Webb Space Telescope images

As we know a few days ago there NASA DART space probe (acronym for Double Asteroid Redirection Test) has deliberately impacted against theasteroid Dimorphos to change its orbital period. This will allow over the weeks or months to collect new data for future projects planetary defense that aim to understand how to avoid the impact … Read more