Ukraine, live coverage – NATO: “We are discussing sending the Patriots to Kiev”. The capital again without electricity – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Nov 29, 2022 20:04 The US are considering including the Wagner Group in the list of terrorist organizations The Biden administration is considering whether or not to label Russia’s Wagner Group a foreign terrorist organization. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency citing some informed sources, according to which a definitive decision has not yet … Read more

Live coverage of Ukraine – NATO sources: “Debate on sending tanks to Kiev”. Kiev in the dark again – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Nov 29, 2022 3:09pm Moscow: “Danger of escalation from greater US role in Ukraine” Russia reminds the US that its policy towards greater involvement in the conflict in Ukraine carries the danger of an escalation. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov quoted by the Tass agency. Ryabkov added that there are no … Read more

Russian fighters provoke NATO ships. For the Poles, Russia is looking for an excuse to trigger the escalation

Russian fighters provoke NATO ships For the Poles Russia is

Two Russian fighters challenged a NATO fleet intent on carrying out anti-aircraft exercises in the Baltic Sea. For the Poles, Putin wants escalation Posted on: 2022-11-20 22:51 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Palermo. Professional journalist since 2006. Joined Virgilio Notizie after various journalistic experiences between Palermo and Milan. I am … Read more

Ukraine: ‘Russian missiles on Poland’, two victims. Moscow: ‘They’re not ours’. NATO on alert – World

Ukraine Russian missiles on Poland two victims Moscow Theyre not

The EU is in shock and NATO is on alert for the missiles that fell in Poland in the evening causing two deaths after the rain of more than 100 Russian rockets that fell on Ukraine in the afternoon, yet another challenge by Vladimir Putin to the world in full G20: it is the first … Read more

Serbia, troops on the border with Kosovo: NATO fears a new conflict. Here’s what happens

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It is once again a video to tell what is happening between the Serbia and the Kosovo. A video shows Serbian troops deployed on the border with Kosovo, as tensions between the two countries rise due to the new restrictions imposed on the Serbian population by the government of Pristina. Footage released Tuesday by local … Read more

Meloni a Stoltenberg: «Nato indispensabile». Mosca all’Italia: «In Europa dittatura Usa». Kiev al leghista Romeo: «Compiace Putin»

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di Redazione Online Le notizie di gioved 27 ottobre, in diretta • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 245esimo giorno. • Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin ha dichiarato che alto il rischio di conflitto mondiale.• La Nato replica: La Russia non usi falsi pretesti per l’escalation.• La Russia ha effettuato delle esercitazioni per contrastare un … Read more

Ucraina – Russia, le news dalla guerra oggi. Zelensky: “Feroci combattimenti nella regione di Donetsk”. Usa accelera piano dispiegamento armi nucleari in basi europee Nato

Ucraina Russia le news dalla guerra oggi Zelensky Feroci

“Continuano aspri combattimenti nella regione di Donetsk, direzione Bakhmut, Avdiyivka. Tutti i nostri soldati che ricoprono posizioni in queste direzioni nella regione di Donetsk sono semplicemente eroi”. Sono state queste le parole pronunciate dal presidente ucraino Volodymyr Zelensky nel suo discorso serale su Telegram. Intanto l’amministrazione Usa sta rivedendo le condizioni per il massimale sui … Read more

Giorgia Meloni to NATO: “Much more than a military alliance”. Scholz’s greetings arrive, the premier thanks Canada and Israel

Giorgia Meloni to NATO Much more than a military alliance

“Thanks to Jens Stoltenberg. Ready to work with the Born, which is more than a military alliance: a bulwark of common values ​​that we will never stop defending ». In the late evening of a more demanding day than ever, the new Italian premier Giorgia Meloni responds on Twitter to congratulations from the NATO secretary … Read more

Raid senza tregua, un terzo dell’Ucraina al buio. Mosca: Nato vicina a scontro diretto con Russia

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di Redazione Online Le notizie di gioved 20 ottobre, in diretta. Filorussi: 15mila civili evacuati da Kherson. Intelligence Usa: Kiev ha 6 settimane di tempo per riguadagnare terreno. Arrestato a Malpensa il figlio di un governatore russo • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 238esimo giorno.• Il presidente russo ha proclamato la legge marziale nelle … Read more

Nuclear weapons on Belarusian Su-25 aircraft, Putin’s plan to stop NATO

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It is to the north that it looks Putin. From there the new offensive could start after theUkraine it has taken several steps forward in the re-conquest of various regions occupied by the Russians. But this time the attack will not be without nuclear power. How? By modifying the Belarusian planes and allowing them to … Read more