Tablets and protected lines: how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons remotely (from Poland)

Tablets and protected lines how NATO technicians fix Ukrainian weapons

The military point 348 | Through tablets, secure communications and other channels, technicians can provide details on how to “maintain” the “pieces” supplied by the Alliance, in particular the cannons subjected to long wear The news, often confused and shrouded in the fog of war, signals preparations of the occupants in multiple directions. Continuous pressure … Read more

Il «no» di Erdogan alla Svezia nella Nato? Sfida all’Occidente

Il no di Erdogan alla Svezia nella Nato Sfida allOccidente

Il presidente turco in piena campagna per la sua rielezione e il rischio di perdere reale. Per rimontare le sta provando tutte L’allargamento della Nato con l’adesione di Finlandia e Svezia stato considerato come uno dei maggiori disastri geopolitici creati da Putin, un autogol formidabile, conseguenza della sua invasione dell’Ucraina che ha generato insicurezza in … Read more

Europe, NATO and the Mediterranean: what Mattarella’s “strategic” discourse reveals

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

“Our strategic choices” for the President of the Republic, Sergio MattarellaI am “Europe, the western choice, our alliances“. The head of state, in the traditional end-of-year speech from the Quirinale, reaffirms the lines of Italian foreign policy in a global scenario and, as defined in the video message, “largely unprecedented“. Choices pro-European and Atlanticist which … Read more

High tension Serbia-Kosovo, Belgrade alerts the army. Pristina: “If NATO doesn’t remove the barricades, we’ll take care of it”

High tension Serbia Kosovo Belgrade alerts the army Pristina If NATO

Tension continues to rise in the north of Kosovo, where new barricades appeared today December 27th. The Serbian government said it had put its army in maximum alert to deal with what it sees as Pristina’s growing threats. «The President of Serbia has ordered the Serbian army to remain at highest level of readiness to … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Stoltenberg: “Avoiding war between Russia and NATO”. Kuleba: “It’s not time for mediation”

Ukraine Russia war news today Stoltenberg Avoiding war between

Putin defines “an agreement is inevitable” and at the same time returns to attack the West, accusing it of having “turned Ukraine into a colony”. The Kremlin’s hard line is reflected in the sentences against those who disagree: the opponent Ilja Yashin was sentenced to eight and a half years of imprisonment for spreading “false … Read more

“Putin? China is holding it back on the atomic threat. He now wants to divide NATO and Europe”

from Viviana Mazza Fiona Hill, security adviser to three US presidents: «If we play his game, the law of the strongest will win. The incursions into Russian territory are legitimate, Moscow wants the escalation” FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTNEW YORK – Be careful not to play Putin’s game, says al Courier Fiona Hill, one of Russia’s leading … Read more

Sweden extradites a member of the PKK to Turkey (to join NATO) and the Kurds in the country rebel: “Stockholm violates human rights” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

The negotiations between Sweden And Turkey for the entry of Stockholm in Born they seem to be giving the first results. In early December, the government of the European country extradited him Mahmut Tatformer militant of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Pkk) convicted in Turkey to 6 years and 10 months in prison because of his … Read more

Ucraina – Russia, le news dalla guerra oggi. Blinken: “Gli Usa non hanno incoraggiato o consentito a Kiev di colpire in Russia”. Nato: “Mosca ‘congela’ la guerra per grande offensiva in primavera”

Ucraina Russia le news dalla guerra oggi Blinken Gli

Gli Stati Uniti “non hanno nè incoraggiato nè consentito agli ucraini di colpire all’interno della Russia”. Lo ha affermato il segretario di Stato americano, Antony Blinken, ribandendo la determinazione di Washington ad assicurarsi che le forze di Kiev “abbiano nelle loro mani le attrezzature di cui hanno bisogno per difendersi, il loro territorio e la … Read more

Ukraine, Moscow accuses: ‘NATO is waging war on us’. And he mentions Italy – Europe

There is an important figure in the American administration with whom Russia would be willing to negotiate to find a solution to the Ukrainian conflict: John Kerry, a politician who has already shown that he is capable of “respectful dialogue”. This was stated by Moscow’s foreign minister, Serghei Lavrov, who had a long association with … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – NATO: “We are discussing sending the Patriots to Kiev”. The capital again without electricity – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Nov 29, 2022 20:04 The US are considering including the Wagner Group in the list of terrorist organizations The Biden administration is considering whether or not to label Russia’s Wagner Group a foreign terrorist organization. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency citing some informed sources, according to which a definitive decision has not yet … Read more