Petro Poroschenko: «Erdogan knows how to press the Tsar. He can negotiate for peace “

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

from Francesco Battistini, sent to Kiev The former president of Ukraine, after putting aside his grudges towards Zelensky, the day after the Russian invasion set up a battalion to defend the country KIEV – Mr. Poroshenko, in the Donbass you have exchanged many prisoners of war with Putin … “Under my presidency, more than 4,000 … Read more

US basketball star Griner sentenced in Russia. Moscow: “Ready to negotiate” – Europe

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Moscow is ready to argue with Washington an exchange of prisoners involving basketball player Brittney Griner through a presidential communication channel: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today. “We are ready to discuss this issue, but only within the (communication) channel agreed upon by Presidents (Vladimir) Putin and (Joe) Biden,” Lavrov said at a press … Read more

Putin: “In Ukraine we have not yet started in earnest. The further we go, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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7 Jul 2022 20:06 Putin: “The West has failed to sow discord in Russia” The Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that the West has failed the goal of sow discord in the country. “Of course, they didn’t just want to hit the Russian economy hard. Their goal was sow discord and devastate society, demoralize people. … Read more

Zelensky’s adviser: «The Russians don’t negotiate. Giving up the Donbass would not stop Putin “

from Andrea Nicastro Podolyak, adviser to the president: «We believed in the agreement, but the enemy does not give up on his conditions. Putin threatens democratic principles, we will always be alongside the EU “ From our correspondent KIEV – From your office, to get to the president’s desk, you have to take less than … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today: Lavrov: “It makes no sense to continue to negotiate with Kiev”

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Lavrov It

In the morning the governor of Severodonetsk gave the dramatic announcement of the retreat of Ukrainian troops, which risked being surrounded, towards more fortified positions. The move effectively opens the way for the Russian army to take control of the key city of Donbass. During the night, confirmation came that the US will send another … Read more

Ukraine, it is a war of attrition: Moscow ready to negotiate. And Putin torpedoes the supergeneral Dvornikov

Fly does not close to dialogue. The vice-president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, interviewed by Al Jazeera, envisaged the resumption of negotiations: «Our country has never excluded itself from international contacts. We are ready to talk, to conduct a discussion on any issue, but based on respect ». These statements were re-launched by … Read more

War in Ukraine, direct – Moscow: “Let’s evaluate the Italian plan for peace”. Kiev: “We do not negotiate on our territorial integrity”. Russia opens to the exchange of prisoners – Il Fatto Quotidiano

23 May 2022 13:13 Poland cancels the Russian supply contract with the Yamal pipeline Warsaw terminated the contract for the supply of gas from Russia and the agreement for the construction of pipeline systems for the transit of Russian gas through the Polish territory signed on August 25, 1993. The Polish minister for gas announced … Read more