Ukraine, Podolyak: «Now the army is our negotiator. Let’s wait for the Pope, he doesn’t go to Moscow “

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Zelensky’s adviser: we will return to Crimea, we are waging war for the sake of freedom. It is important that Italy has interrupted a wrong way of understanding relations with the Kremlin FROM OUR SEND KIEV – «We have always seen that some politicians exploited their pro-Russian positions. And they made money, in the ultra-right … Read more

Guerra, the live broadcast. Russian negotiator: no to the exchange between Azov and the oligarch. Zelensky thanks Draghi

Guerra the live broadcast Russian negotiator no to the

Exchange of prisoners and resumption of negotiations. And if from the epilogue of the history of the Asovstal steel mill the path of negotiations between Ukraine And Russia? Is it possible that one of the bloodiest and most dramatic pages of this conflict precedes the resumption of dialogue? Some signs from yesterday seemed to say … Read more