Antonella Clerici earthquake in It’s always noon | That’s why he doesn’t taste the dishes –

Antonella Clerici earthquake in Its always noon Thats why

Media spotlight focused on Antonella Clerici, given that the public noticed a small gesture that is no longer made by the presenter… Clerici, in fact, no longer tastes the dishes at It’s always noon! It was the early 2000s when Antonella Clerici she started her journey in the world of cooking, engaged in the cooking … Read more

It’s always noon, because it’s not on today Antonella Clerici – newsby

Rai programming change during the day of 29 December 2022. Antonella Clerici must give up the usual appointment There was an important Rai programming change with regard to the day of 29 December. The news of the schedule will concern in particular the morning slot, when Antonella Clerici is broadcast with her It’s always noon. … Read more

‘He collapsed and died’: mourning ‘It’s always noon’ face – newsby

He collapsed and died mourning Its always noon face

Mourning at It’s always noon. Who it is. Photo: Rai-newsby One of the main characters of Antonella Clerici’s program It’s always noon suffered a serious mourning that he wanted to tell fans about on Instagram. It’s always noon is one of the most watched cooking programs on TV, certainly thanks to the presence (always highly … Read more