NVIDIA DLSS 3 spiegato bene: tutto quello che c’è da sapere su funzioni e compatibilità

NVIDIA DLSS 3 spiegato bene tutto quello che ce da

La nuova serie GeForce RTX 4000 è ormai una realtà: annunciata dal CEO di Nvidia, Jensen Huang, durante il GTC 2022, arriverà in tre versioni differenti nel corso di questo autunno. RTX 4090, la nuova ammiraglia di NVIDIA, con i suoi 24 GB di memoria video, sarà disponibile dal 12 ottobre, mentre la RTX 4080 … Read more

RTX 4000: between the “fake” 4080 12 GB and the semi-exclusive DLSS 3, Nvidia is pulling too hard?

RTX 4000 between the fake 4080 12 GB and the

Nvidia on Tuesday unveiled the first video cards of the RTX 40 series, namely the 12GB and 16GB RTX 4080 and the RTX 4090. The new generation of green house GPUs are at the center of much discussion, not only for the noticeable performance increase over the RTX 30 series, but also for some marketing … Read more

GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 prices too high? NVIDIA CEO explains why

GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 prices too high NVIDIA CEO

THE prices of the new gaming video cards GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 they take center stage in the discussions of the fans. The top of the range, which also winks at creators, has a starting price of 1979 euro in Italy, while the two RTX 4080s start from 1479 and 1109 euros. Prices that … Read more

Nvidia RTX 4080 and 4090 are monsters of power, but does technological advancement cost too much?

Nvidia RTX 4080 and 4090 are monsters of power but

The announcement of the new video cards Nvidia RTX 4000 series was exhilarating: anyone who follows the gaming landscape with some interest in the field of PC gaming will surely have felt thrills when the company has pitted the impressive numbers of the new GPUs, which promise an important increase in performance on the already … Read more

DLSS 3: Nvidia unveiled its new technology

DLSS 3 Nvidia unveiled its new technology

On the occasion of the GeForce Beyond event, Nvidia has introduced Nvidia DLSS 3(Deep Learning Super Sampling), the evolution of its image enlargement technology based onartificial intelligence. According to the company, DLSS 3 “ushers in a new era of NVIDIA RTX neural rendering for games and applications.” Available October 12, 2022, along with Nvidia GeForce … Read more

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 e RTX 4080 ufficiali: Ada Lovelace e DLSS 3 per prestazioni da urlo

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 e RTX 4080 ufficiali Ada Lovelace

NVIDIA ha annunciato le prime schede video della serieGeForce RTX 4000. Nel corso dell’evento GeForce Beyond il CEO della societ, Jensen Huang, ha presentato la nuova architettura Ada Lovelace e introdotto i modelli di prossimo arrivo sul mercato: GeForce RTX 4090 il 12 ottobre e due GeForce RTX 4080 che accoglieremo a novembre. Nessuna … Read more

NVIDIA made money from cryptomining and didn’t say it – fined $ 5.5 million by the SEC

1651920346 NVIDIA made money from cryptomining and didnt say it

There SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), i.e. the body that supervises the US stock exchange, has fined by NVIDIA for $ 5.5 million. The company led by Jensen Huang was found guilty fromfailing to adequately communicate the impact of cryptocurrency mining on revenues from the gaming business – closely linked to the sale of GeForce … Read more