Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper who every 4 years at the World Cup becomes the superhero with 6 fingers – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A superhero it must necessarily have a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from the others. The supervision, the speed in the legs, the ability to breathe underwater. Even a Mexican hero has one, perfect for the job he does. TO Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Maganasaid Memogoalkeeper and superhero of América and the Mexican National, hands are … Read more

Ochoa, the goalkeeper with 6 fingers and 5 World Cups: and in Qatar he starts hypnotizing Lewandowski

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The first time in 2006. In 2014 he stopped Neymar and a legend circulated about his hand. A fan put his house up for sale so he wouldn’t leave In an interview dated 2008 they asked him: “Memo, how was the World Cup two years ago in Germany?”. Answer: “Extraordinary experience, we played against squadrons. … Read more