IMac, the offer is unmissable: at this price it must be bought immediately

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Before the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, there were computers. Maybe there won’t be many who will remember it, but until less than 20 years ago (several geological eras in the hi-tech field), Apple was among the largest computer manufacturers in the worldcapable of innovating like no other. On Telegram we have opened two channels … Read more

Milan-Leao, proof of agreement: Maldini and Massara raise their offer

Milan Leao proof of agreement Maldini and Massara raise their offer

In the first days of the new year, the meeting between the parties: the inclusion of performance bonuses could unlock the renewal issue While the Rossoneri hearts multiply on social media, the Milan and Rafael Leao continue to seek a meeting point in the exhausting negotiation for the renewal of the contract expiring in June … Read more

MN – Passerini on Milan’s offer for Leao’s renewal: “It’s correct. Leao understood that…”

MN Passerini on Milans offer for Leaos renewal Its © photo by Carlos Passerinia journalist following AC Milan for Corriere della Sera, expressed himself in this way exclusively to (CLICK HERE to read the full INTERVIEW) on Milan’s offer for Leao’s renewal: “Is 7 million salary the right offer? Yes. Milan has undertaken, for 3 years now and it will also … Read more

PlayStation Store discounts: three Complete Editions to buy on offer

PlayStation Store discounts three Complete Editions to buy on offer

Sony continues to tempt all of its gamers with the PlayStation Store year-end offers, a great opportunity to buy quality games at a bargain price. Well aware that resisting the call for sales is almost impossible, we have already advised you these days three PS4 and PS5 titles for less than 5 euros and three … Read more

Amazon, 10 Euro voucher as a gift for a few more days: the details of the offer

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The Amazon promotion that allows you to save 10 euros on the purchase of a product will expire on December 31, 2022, by choosing a collection point of the Seattle giant scattered throughout Italy. The promotion can be accessed directly through the dedicated Amazon pagebut beware: it is addressed only to those who have been … Read more

Tim, the Kkr fund is trying again: an offer has been made for the network and in partnership with the state

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

Kkr tries again with Tim. The American fund, which a year ago was ready to launch an 11 billion takeover bid for the entire telecommunications company, reportedly stepped forward again yesterday and is considering an offer, this time however only for the network and on condition that the government agrees to be a partner in … Read more

Samsung, the top smart TV at a low cost price: an unmissable offer

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Never be deceived: when buying a smart TV, the price is just one of the factors to take into consideration at the time of purchase. Equally important – if not more – are the visual and listening experience that the device guarantees. Even if we are talking about a mid-range TV. On Telegram we have … Read more

Colorland “Special Offer”: A4 Photo Calendar + A3 Photo Calendar for only €10.99!

Colorland Special Offer A4 Photo Calendar A3 Photo Calendar

Listen to this article The discount page And Colorland present the new “October Special Offer”, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to order a A4 photo calendar + A3 photo calendarcustomizable with photos and texts of your choice. With Colorland’s photo calendars you can combine business with pleasure, keeping your best memories close … Read more

Lamborghini, incredible offer for Black Friday: 50% discount on this model –

Lamborghini incredible offer for Black Friday 50 discount on this

The amazing Lamborghini Huracan is sold for Black Friday at a crazy price: even 50% less than the list price. Together with Ferrari, Lamborghini has represented the excellence of Italian mechanics and automotive engineering for decades. The historic Emilian brand was born in the 1960s from the idea of ​​Ferruccio Lamborghini, an entrepreneur who had … Read more

Google Pixel 6A, shocking offer on Black Friday: historic low

Certainly there is no shortage of smartphones in offer in this Amazon Black Week. Of the many offers launched in the early days, there are few left, but there are still some very interesting gems. But you have to be very quick to take advantage of it: between less than 48 hours the Amazon exclusive … Read more