Cerberus, Gryphon, Omicron: what to expect from Sars-CoV-2 variants

If we leafed through a photo album, obviously talking about images invisible to the naked eye, perhaps we would look with a pinch of nostalgia at the first Sars-CoV-2 virus isolated in Wuhan, China. In the meantime, there have been many viral variants which have occurred over time, in a path characterized by a substantial … Read more

New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body 😷 Cerberus scares scientists clarify

New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body

Some people are experiencing strange red spots on the body: could it be due to the new Covid variant? I study. The Sars-Cov-2 virus is still giving us many problems. The infections are rising, but not only. The variants they have the course and symptoms also changed of the disease. InformationToday Unfortunately the first colds … Read more

Covid, the variant scenario changes: Bq.1 is about to overtake Omicron 5 in the USA – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Covid the variant scenario changes Bq1 is about to overtake

In the US, the scenario of the variants changes: BA.5 or Omicron 5, which for months had been the main responsible for the cases of Covid-19, is about to be overtaken by BQ.1 together with its sub-lineage BQ.1.1 (Cerberus) . In the last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the sub-variants … Read more

Omicron, the new variants coming for the winter. “Cerberus and Chiron escape antibodies”

Listeria in burrata and pancakes the food products indicated to

In Italy, the RT is at 1.3: it is the index that measures the transmission speed of the coronavirus and when it is above 1 it means that the contagion is running. The good news is that in recent days there has been a slowdown in the race in both cases and hospitalizations. The problems, … Read more

Omicron and flu, twindemia alarm: what is the double winter wave. In 7 days monoclonal use doubled

Omicron and flu twindemia alarm what is the double winter

Twindemia – The symptoms may be lighter, they are more like a cold. And here comes the infection Covid it’s less scary, habits have definitely relaxed and the masks have ended up in oblivion. Is a mistake. Why the coronavirus, the Omicron variantits subvariants (the latest arrival is Cerberus) combined with a respiratory virus or … Read more

The lottery of new vaccines: in the hubs both those for Omicron 1 and Omicron 4-5

Great Britain taxes for the richest no VAT on shopping

Listen to the audio version of the article The vaccination campaign with boosters based on the new bivalent vaccines goes live. The departure was rather muted: so far only 17% of the over 60s – the initial audience to whom the fourth dose is recommended – has been immunized. But now the hope is that … Read more

Covid, 230 Omicron ‘daughters’ and 30 mix variants: WHO monitors

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

The current circulation of Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is “characterized by Omicron sub-lineages and broad genetic diversification. More than 230 descendants “, ‘sons’ of Omicronthe variant that was the undisputed protagonist of the 2022 pandemic, “e more than 30 recombinantsi “. These variants” are monitored and evaluated by the World Health Organization on the basis of criteria … Read more

Omicron, the summer wave is behind us. Hospitals are emptying, but the alert is not over: “Danger for autumn”

The health situation in Italy is improving on the Covid. The variant Omicron it is now the only one circulating in our country, but the summer wave has passed and the employment of hospital wards is falling more and more: the rate falls below the alert threshold of 15%, reaching 13%. It hadn’t happened since … Read more

Omicron, alarm for new symptoms: this is why those who have been infected risk heart attack and stroke

Who has been infected with the Omicron variant is at risk heart attack or stroke: there are new American studies on vascular problems and the Long Covid. The researchers used data from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a basis to estimate how often Covid leads to cardiovascular problems. The research led … Read more

Omicron, Bassetti: «The pandemic is over. From autumn, goodbye to bulletins and quarantines “

Omicron Bassetti The pandemic is over From autumn goodbye to

«The current situation, despite the summer flare-up of infections, is not comparable to that of pandemic as we experienced it in 2020 and 2021 ». To say it is Matteo Bassetti Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa. So are we at the end of a nightmare that lasted … Read more