“Chronic inflammations triggered by poor nutrition, the abuse of drugs, proteins or vitamins also expose us to oncological and cardiological risks”. The advice of the nutritionist Montinaro – Corriere Salentino Lecce

Chronic inflammations triggered by poor nutrition the abuse of drugs

Nutritionist, Dr. Christian Montinaro LECCE – We are in the age of diets and do-it-yourself treatments: nothing more risky for our health. Failure to meet competencies can lead us to hire foods and products that trigger chronic inflammation in our body from which irreparable effects may arise. Today we talk to a Nutritionist expert, Doctor … Read more

Germany remains without medicines, serious shortages for 51 preparations including antibiotics and oncological medicines – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

There are around 330 medicines that are experiencing shortages in Germany. The Federal Medicines Agency (Bfarm) indicates a critic situation for at least 51 prepared with 17 active ingredients. These are mainly generics such as the flu shots or cough syrups for children, but also medicines such as tamoxifen, prescribed in oncological therapies, and some … Read more

Ukraine: bombs in Zaporizhzhia, oncological center in Kherson hit – World

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Once again, throughout the night, the Nikopol district, in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, was under Russian bombs. Damaged gas pipelines and electricity networks. No injuries but dozens of buildings hit including homes and farm buildings. And once again, the reading of Moscow’s strategy in Ukraine starts from the ground: the Russians … Read more