Orban in the stadium with the ‘Greater Hungary’ scarf. Kiev summons the ambassador. This is why a diplomatic case broke out – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

It was played on Sunday Hungary-Greece: the match finished 2-1, with the Magyars bringing home the victory in the last minutes of the game. But it wasn’t the result that made any noise, on the other hand we were talking about a friendly match, but the scarf worn by the Prime Minister of Budapest Viktor … Read more

Consiglio Ue, alta tensione col ministro di Orbàn sui rapporti con Mosca: veto agli aiuti per Kiev. Ok alle sanzioni contro l’Iran

Consiglio Ue alta tensione col ministro di Orban sui rapporti

«Il Consiglio Europeo ha lanciato la missione di assistenza militare dell’Ue Eumam per sostenere l’Ucraina nella guerra di aggressione in corso contro la Russia e fornire addestramento a un massimo di 15mila membri delle forze armate ucraine». Lo annuncia con un tweet la presidenza ceca, mentre a Bruxelles è ancora in corso il Consiglio Affari … Read more

The serious mistake of Meloni on Orban. So we risk running out of money

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Giorgia Meloni, in the last week of the election campaign, feels the goal ever closer and has already begun – they say and well informed – to look for the men to be placed in the fundamental boxes not only of the next government, but also of the subsidiaries. The work of ‘draghizzazione’ of FdIwith … Read more

Sikorski (EPP): “Orbán is with Putin, no more unanimous decisions in the EU”

from Francesca Basso EPP MEP Radoslaw Sikorski, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Poland: “I understand the national interest, but selfishness in the face of a danger is less forgivable” FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTBRUSSELS “I understand the national interest, but selfishness in the face of a danger is less forgivable.” Radoslaw Sikorski, former Minister … Read more

Ucraina, le sanzioni “corrette” da Orban: Kirill fuori dalla lista nera Ue

Ucraina le sanzioni corrette da Orban Kirill fuori dalla lista

BRUXELLES – L’Europa cede al ricatto ungherese e Viktor Orbán la spunta ancora, mettendo in salvo il patriarca ortodosso Kirill dalla lista nera Ue contro l’élite russa. Dopo aver tenuto in ostaggio le sanzioni al petrolio per cinque settimane e aver poi bloccato di nuovo mercoledì l’adozione formale che era stata inizialmente prevista senza intoppi, ieri, … Read more

Sixth package of EU sanctions: Orban wins on Kirill. Born: “Ready for a war of usury, Kiev decides on the sale of territories” – Live coverage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Sixth package of EU sanctions Orban wins on Kirill Born

June 2, 2022 20:53 Kiev: “Ukrainians must have weapons to protect their homes” Ukrainians must have weapons to protect their homes. This was announced today by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrskyi during the United News telethon. “Our citizens have been tested for weapons since February 24 – he said – Tens … Read more

And in the end he is the one who wins over the patriarch: who is Orban, the “Signor No” who blackmails Europe

from Paolo Valentino, correspondent from Berlin “The man alone in command” of Budapest blocks sanctions on Russian oil. At home he governs thanks to special powers, but without European funds he risks big Never trust Viktor Orban. The Hungarian premier offers in these hours yet another proof of his total unreliability: after having given the … Read more

Zelensky: “Moscow controls 20% of Ukraine”. New summit after the Hungarian no on Kirill. Orban: “We will respect EU choices” – Live coverage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

June 2, 2022 15:16 Frontex: “More Ukrainians are returning than fleeing” Approximately 5.3 million Ukrainian citizens have fled to the EU since the start of the war in February, while the total number of internally displaced people who have entered Europe, including non-Ukrainian citizens, is 7 million. The latest bulletin of Frontex, the European border … Read more

Orban blocca le nuove sanzioni. La rabbia di Mosca per l’invio a Kiev dagli Usa di nuovi missili |Ucraina russia, le new di oggi sulla guerra

di Francesco Battistini, Marta Serafini, Paolo Foschi Le notizie di gioved 2 giugno sulla guerra, in diretta: le truppe russe continuano ad avanzare nell’est. Il Cremlino ora non esclude un incontro Putin-Zelensky • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 99esimo giorno, l’avanzata dei russi nell’est in questa fase del conflitto pare inarrestabile. • Sale la … Read more

EU, the Russian oil embargo enters the draft conclusions of the extraordinary summit. Orban: “Difficult situation”. Von der Leyen: “Low expectations”

EU the Russian oil embargo enters the draft conclusions of

MILAN – Still uncertainty about the European green light for the embargo on Russian oil. The reference, to what has been learned from the ”Handle from various European diplomatic sources, he entered the draft conclusions that will be on the table of the extraordinary European summit. The scheme provides for an oil embargo in two … Read more