Playoff final, Palermo is halfway there: a flash of Floriano knocks out Padova

A decisive step towards the final goal. A goal after ten minutes by Floriano is enough for Palermo to break the resistances of a generous, combative but not particularly incisive Padova, also thanks to the excellent performance of the rosanero rearguard, who faltered on only one occasion, on which Marconi saved with a prodigy on … Read more

The Palermo files the Feralpisalò practice without problems: in the final there is the Padova

Mission accomplished, as indeed, beyond the superstitions, was predictable. In a Barbera packed in every order of place (including the guest sector for the occasion converted to a further offshoot of rosanero typhus) Palermo manages, basically without suffering, the residual ambitions of Feralpisalò and closes the practice in the first half thanks to the twenty-eighth … Read more

Serie C play off: Juve Under 23 knockout at home with Padova. Palermo ok

ALEXANDRIA – The path towards promotion for the Juventus Under 23: the bianconeri of Zauli in fact, they fell in the first leg of the second round of the national playoff phase, against Padua. Al Moccagatta, to decide, is a network of Chiricò in the second half of the game. Juve becomes dangerous in the … Read more