The best medicine against pain is the smile, the experience of the ward clowns: “Our secret? We are simple, sincere and we listen”

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Patch Adams teaches: “Laughing is not only contagious, it is also the best medicine.” But making those in a condition of illness and vulnerability laugh is neither simple nor painless. And then there are them, the ward clowns, who penetrate the heart of those who need a little affection and courage, managing to snatch a … Read more

The popular pain reliever that would reduce cancer deaths by 50% according to a new study

The popular pain reliever that would reduce cancer deaths by

According to a recent research, aspirin has a positive effect on cancer patients, as it would reduce inflammation and improve cellular repair processes, also counteracting the metastatic process. How to store avocado British researchers claim that theaspirin has a positive effect on people with cancer. The team looked at previous research on aspirin and has … Read more

Chronic back pain, often the first step to healing is losing weight – how can it be done

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

from Laura Cuppini The extra pounds limit the effectiveness of the therapies: a multidisciplinary treatment is needed. The role of the GLP-1 analogue in weight control Back pain is one of the biggest human problems: according to the World Health Organization the first cause of disability. As well as a (frequent) reason for absence from … Read more

Post Covid, headaches and pain: what the experts say

Post Covid headaches and pain what the experts say

If the pandemic gives COVID-19as clearly stated by the WHO, she has never been so close to being ultimately defeatedthe lens now moves to long-Covid symptoms affecting thousands of citizens. The virus, also thanks to the vaccination campaigns that will be updated in the autumn on the latter variants, it almost no longer results in … Read more

Nina Moric, health problems. On Instagram: “This physical pain is consuming me”

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Nina Moric has health problemsit was she who revealed it through her stories Instagram in which he told about the exam he had to carry out and how the physical pain is consuming her. The Croatian model, ex-wife of Fabrizio Coronahas attached to his words the report of a gastroscopy which states that a histological … Read more

“Too much pain”: Maurizio Costanzo’s last wish before dying Maria reacted like this

Too much pain Maurizio Costanzos last wish before dying Maria

Among the most loved and appreciated women of the show, it is impossible not to mention the name of the queen of television, Maria De Filippi, but she too hides a part that perhaps not everyone expects. Her programs are by far the ones that the Mediaset audience loves the most, she likes to have … Read more

“Great pain”, Gianni Morandi: shed endless tears for his son | He is gone

Great pain Gianni Morandi shed endless tears for his son

Gianni Morandi is one of the most loved Italian songwriters of all generations. The story of him has upset the fans, precisely because no one would have expected such a revelation. Gianni Morandi – Gianni Morandi is the undisputed face of Italian music that every year knows how to reinvent itself, without ever getting … Read more

Is there a diet to reduce inflammation and joint pain? | Umberto Veronesi Foundation

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What foods should I avoid to lower the inflammations at joints and ai tendons? Stephen (question received via the form The Expert replies) Answers the professor Francesco Ursinihead of the Medicine and Rheumatology Department of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna. Improving your lifestyle is essential to reduce pains related to rheumatic diseases and to … Read more

Chest pain during orgasm: the rare case of acute aortic syndrome that has affected a woman

Chest pain during orgasm the rare case of acute aortic

from Cristina Marrone A 45-year-old woman was hospitalized after having sex with her husband. The patient suffered from hypertension but had not been treated for over a year. Discharged after three days The scientific literature tells of several cases of men surprised by a heart attack during a sexual intercourse. This time for a woman … Read more