Catanzaro, painful victory. In Picerno Cianci decides in the final The episode of Studio giallorosso – CatanzaroInforma

Catanzaro painful victory In Picerno Cianci decides in the final

PICERNO-CATANZARO 0-1 Marker: 27’st Cianci PICERNO (4-2-3-1) : Frizzy; Pagliai (32’st Gulf), De Franco, Garcia, Guerra; De Cristofaro, De Ciancio; Setola (37’st Novella), Kouda (23’st Santarcangelo), D’Angelo; Diop (23’st Gerardi). All. Longo. Available: Albertazzi, Finizio, Allegretto, Monti. CATANZARO (3-4-1-2) : Fulignati; Brighenti, Fazio, Scognamillo; Katseris (32’st Rolando), Sounas (18’st Bombagi), Ghion (45’st Cinelli), Verna (32’st … Read more

Cecchi Paone, the farewell is painful: “We will all miss you” –

Cecchi Paone the farewell is painful We will all miss

Cecchi Paone and the farewell that moved the web: here are his words, the details of the story A splendid intelligence and a culture that goes beyond all expectations, that’s how it is Alessandro Cecchi Paone conquered the world of entertainment. The man, despite his great talent and his cultural baggage above expectations, let himself … Read more

Eliminate Fleas and Ticks with simple methods: no more painful bites and health dangers

Eliminate Fleas and Ticks with simple methods no more painful

Eliminating fleas and ticks from our homes means protecting ourselves and protecting our four-legged friends. Here’s why and how. Among insects more annoying and unhealthy that we can find in our homes there are Ticks and the Fleas. Eliminating them in time is crucial to avoid an invasion and above all not to run into … Read more

Roby Facchinetti, the bitter message after the tragedy: “A painful moment …” –

Roby Facchinetti the bitter message after the tragedy A painful

Roby Facchinetti and the exciting message posted on social media after his death: here’s what he wrote, the details of the story With his blue eyes and his magnificent voice he conquered millions of fans in the band that marked an era and not only, also the Italian music of all times: we are talking … Read more

“I lost a child”. Gemma Galgani, the painful tale of her past

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Gemma Galganithe historic lady of Men and women, spoke about his past in a painful interview. We are used to seeing her on television, to look for her soul mate and her impossible love, to oppose her eternal “rival” Tina Cipollari. But beyond the show, as always, there is more: a woman who has never … Read more

Maurizio Costanzo, the painful comment: “I’m sorry for Alessia Marcuzzi …”

Maurizio Costanzo the painful comment Im sorry for Alessia Marcuzzi

Maurizio Costanzo makes moving statements towards Alessia Marcuzzi. What situation is the presenter facing? Because the reporter talks about her. Here are the details of the story. Maurizio Costanzo is a journalist, television and radio host, authors of successful programs both in Mediaset and in Rai. Since 1982 he has been leading the famous Maurizio … Read more

Mediaset has decided to save, here are the painful cuts planned – Arlex

Mediaset has decided to save here are the painful cuts

Mediaset has decided to take the road of savings. It is the first sign of the warm autumn that awaits us. The colossus of the Berlusconi family has clear ideas, many of which the television audience may not like. What ideas? The signals coming from the economic world do not bode well. Two years of … Read more

“Kurds? Painful but acceptable price”: question and answer to La7 between Rampini and the activist Marcucci. And he speaks of the “canea of ​​the Putinians against Erdogan” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kurds Painful but acceptable price question and answer to La7

Long question and answer a “On air” (La7) between Eddi Marcuccipolitical activist who fought against ISIS in Syria alongside the Ypjthe Kurdish female fighters, and the journalist Federico Rampini on the conditions that the Born accepted to have the ok Turkey at the entrance to the Sweden and Finland.According to Rampini, it is a necessary … Read more

Kirilo, a veteran of Lysychansk: “A painful conquest, in the end the victory is ours”

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

from Andrea Nicastro The soldier recounts an ancient war made up of trenches, bombs and night raids: «The most dangerous moment? Go to the bathroom” FROM OUR REPORT KIEV – Private Kirilo Volodymerovich still manages to joke. “The most dangerous time of the day in Donbass? Go to the toilet. We had just finished the … Read more

Omicron 5 is the “most contagious virus in the world”: alarm from virologists. Bassetti: “Without the fourth dose it will be painful”

Omicron 5“Perhaps today can be considered the virus most contagious in the world and precisely in this characteristic lies its danger “: compared to the coronavirus that overwhelmed us like a tsunami in the early stages of the pandemic” it is certainly less aggressive, but remains problematic because in causing so many infections it can … Read more