New case of deadly virus: fever, blisters and pains, what is happening and how to defend yourself among the symptoms

New case of deadly virus fever blisters and pains what

A deadly virus case that hasn’t been seen for some time. The patient is in isolation and is the seventh hospitalization in a few years. Fever, boils, pains, the symptoms of Monkeypox leave little doubt in the diagnosis of the deadly virus. There are seven cases in the UK. Adobe Stock Covid first, then acute … Read more

Chest pains, hot flashes, and sweating could be the first signs of this widespread ailment

As we all know, the human body is literally a perfect machine. Each cell, nerve or organ, in fact, behaves just as if it were the gear of a device, without which it would stop working as it should. However, the human body, in order to survive, has to fight every day against various external … Read more

Tiredness, chest pains, confusion may not be symptoms of a heart attack but of a less serious condition and how to tell the difference

We have just recovered from a sudden state of malaise and we are incredulous that we are still alive, because we really thought we were going to die. We were assailed by fear for no specific reason and we immediately thought we were in the middle of a heart attack that was very dangerous for … Read more