First deserted auction for the Laguna Palace (at 24 million euros). Meanwhile, they try to save the dock

MESTRE – It could also have been the “black friday” of the Laguna Palacewith that auction starting from an estimate of 27 million euros which, however, yesterday afternoon, November 25, was deserted. In the Paduan studies of the bankruptcy trustees Roberto Mometto and Luca Pieretti no offer has arrived, not even the minimum one reduced … Read more

Divorce now decided by King Charles III, it is done: Here is what is happening at the Royal Palace

Divorce now decided by King Charles III it is done

King Charles III has decided on a divorce at court, there is still talk of the Royal Family and this time the topic is very hot and concerns legal separation. Here’s what happened. Twists in the Royal Family they never end and here we are still talking about the most discussed family in England with … Read more

Carlo does not hold up, he is on the verge of collapse: chaos in the Palace. William and Kate Middleton worried

War in Ukraine direct Moscow Ukrainian raid against oil depot

He has not yet been crowned King and it seems that Charles III is already exhausted physically and mentally, enough to seriously worry William and Kate Middleton, while the Palace seems in chaos without a firm and safe guide. King Charles has already collapsed Charles he holds the distinction of heir to the longest-lived throne … Read more

Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the palace and cuts the costs of the coronation

Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the

Queen Elizabeth forgave her everything, even that the rats gnawed at her badly kept clothes, she had free access to the private rooms of the Palace and her influence was enormous. But from day to day her power crumbled and Carlo gave her the welcome firing her on the spot. We are talking about Angela … Read more

Queen of Denmark, the decision that also makes Buckingham Palace shake

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The Queen of Denmark has made a decision that is already causing a sensation and which could also have consequences for the English Crown. Margrethe revealed of wanting to deprive some of his grandchildren of royal titles, thus putting pressure on King Charles and the future of Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and their … Read more

Charles is King and Buckingham Palace already goes haywire: first diplomatic incident

Charles III became King just over 10 days and already Buckingham Palace falters, committing a mistake against the Danish Royal Family that could easily turn into a serious diplomatic incident. At the center of the story is the invitation to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral sent to Princess Mary of Denmark, a note that should never have … Read more

Regina Elisabetta II: folla da record per l’ultimo viaggio da Buckingham Palace a Westminster. Code di 30 ore per l’ultimo saluto

Regina Elisabetta II folla da record per lultimo viaggio da

LONDRA – Si sposta da Buckingham Palace il feretro della regina Elisabetta che è stato vegliato da figli e nipoti dopo l’arrivo ieri sera a Londra da Edimburgo. Dopo una solenne processione ha raggiunto il palazzo di Westminster Hall, sede del parlamento del Regno Unito, dove – dopo un breve rito di suffragio officiato dall’arcivescovo anglicano di … Read more

At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth’s secret pool that her dad had built for her

1662939677 At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeths secret pool that her

The newest of his swimmers is the prince Louis, but before him, even his little sister Charlotte and little brother George started to happily splash around in it, starting at one year of age. Before that, in the Buckingham Palace secret poolPrinces William and Harry, Prince Charles and his brothers, and Queen Elizabeth with her … Read more

Morte regina Elisabetta, Carlo III proclamato re a St. James’s Palace

Morte regina Elisabetta Carlo III proclamato re a St Jamess

 Alle 10 di Londra, le 11 in Italia, Carlo è stato ufficialmente proclamato re, meno di 48 ore dopo la morte di sua madre la regina Elisabetta II. Il primo discorso di re Carlo III ieri è piaciuto molto ai media. “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest“, “Possa il canto degli angeli … Read more

Farewell to Elizabeth, for her 96 cannon shots. Charles at Buckingham Palace, the crowd cheers him – Europe

1662742216 Farewell to Elizabeth for her 96 cannon shots Charles at

Death bells in London – from St Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster – in memory of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away yesterday after 70 years of reign. This is the signal that also sets in motion formally today the official mourning machine, marked, to follow, by the 96 cannon volleys – one for each of the … Read more